Advance voting (I’m not)

Advance voting started today with some party leaders getting publicity putting in their votes. In trying to encourage as many people as possible to vote for them parties promote advance voting as part of their ‘get out the vote’ campaigns.

I won’t be advance voting. There could be a lot to be revealed over the next two weeks that may affect my decision. I’m likely to wait until election Day on 20 September to vote.

Advance votes are different to Special votes and are counted on the afternoon of election day and included in election night totals.

Electoral Commission: Information for voters – the who, when and where

From NZ Herald In early to make your vote count – from today

Advanced and special voting

• Opens from today
• Anyone can do it
• Over 300 voting places countrywide
• 334,558 advanced votes cast in 2011, 14.7 per cent of total vote

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  1. Pam of Papakura

     /  3rd September 2014

    Well I can’t see any sense in waiting till the 20th…..I’m off today to vote for Judith Collins before the crowd does. Two ticks National.

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  3rd September 2014

    I suppose that old Herr Fatbum did it in case he’s been deported before the election.

    Herr Dotcom discovered a set of talking scales,
    And eagerly bought them and brought them home from town.
    But when he climbed on, the scales said ‘Have a heart !
    It’s one at a time-will the other three please climb down ?’


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