I’m a conservative with a strong right lean

Well, no I’m not of course but that’s what Lynn Prentice has claimed. Very funny.

I’m not sure if it’s intended as some sort of insult or it’s just through ignorance. People from the far left often presume that anyone not agreeing with everything they believe must be an opposite extreme.

And even funnier is that this comes with a claim about me being obsessed with his Standard in a contrived reason to obsess some more about me.

In last night’s debate John Key had a wee dig at “left wing blogs”. Lynn reacted:

Lynn Prentice ‏@lprent

@thestandard – so far I have heard @johnkeypm impune our site a number of times. Sleazy dirty arsehole – just like @Whaleoil

I nudged him “You wouldn’t impune another site at all, would you Lynn?”

Nope. I impune people. Particularly those obsessing on ours. Looks at your tags

Look we’re bigger than National to NZs obsessed blogger

Lynn frequently ‘impunes’ blogs, particularly Kiwiblog because he also has an obsession about David Farrar’s success there.

There’s a simple answer to why I’ve posted more about The Standard than Kiwiblog or National – Farrar doesn’t ban people for expressing political opinions so I’m free to dig at National at Kiwiblog as much as I like, unlike his poor Standard where he bans people  he hasn’t got the guts to debate with.

And who is obsessed? He has just posted at The Standard knowing that as he bans me from responding I won’t. He claims the post has nothing to do with me – but mentions me first and last in the post.

Dirty politics in Dunedin

Nope, fortunately despite the title this post is definitely is not about the tediously infamous Pete George1. :twisted:

He then has some filler that looks like an excuse to do a Clayton’s post directed at me, it’s about a debate in Dunedin that wouldn’t normally rate a mention at The Standard. Then the post closes:

  1. Pete George would have to be New Zealand’s most obsessive blogger since Dad4Justice stopped haunting every blog that he wasn’t banned at. He is conservative who considers that he is in the centre of politics, but his tag cloud indicates that he has a strong right lean. Because he attacks the left and especially the left blogs at every available opportunity, we easily dwarf his tags for National in his tag cloud. I am so glad that this political fool isn’t in Auckland.

As I said, I confront the right as well but they aren’t so big on banning opinions they don’t like so I can diss John Key and National in the bigger forum of Kiwiblog. One of the primary reasons for using YourNZ is to express myself on things that people try to stop me from talking about to their faces.

Conservative – yeah right. I’m sure the Conservative supporters at Kiwiblog will be aghast or in stitches.

And I’m as ‘far right’ as Lynn is  fair and reasonable as chief ‘moderator’ at The Standard – most of his bans over the last few months have been clearly designed to keep unwelcome opinions away until after the election.

Of course that protects the Labour orientated anti-National crusade that’s going on there at the moment where most posts are nothing like Labour’s #votepositive meme – they use The Standard to maintain a barrage of attack politics posts while denying it has anything to do with Labour.

Dishonest is dirty. 

If you want to see an honest look at Dirty Politics the rest of lprent’s post points to the debate will be live streamed and then available to view on Youtube.

Debating ‘Dirty Politics’: Media, Politics and Law” – debate on Friday from 1pm-4pm. 

1:00-1:15: Opening interview with Mr Nicky Hager
1:15-2:05: Media panel with Dr Rosemary Overell; Dr Holly Randell Moon; Dr Brett Nicholls and Dr John Farnsworth.
2:05-2:55: Politics panel with Dr Bryce Edwards and Professor Richard Jackson.
2:55-3:45: Law panel with Professor Paul Roth and Professor Ursula Cheer
3:45-4:00: Closing remarks from Mr Nicky Hager

It will be live streamed on youtube.

So I’m glad I’ve inspired Lynn to use me to promote something that could be very interesting.

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     /  3rd September 2014

    Excellent, roll on Friday. I’m off to get the popcorn in and have the Bullshitometer hooked up ready to go……I’m sue it will be pinging off the scale!

  2. The whole left-right game isn’t particularly meaningful until you get to grips with the hollow tradition of the right, i.e. its faith in the the sovereignty of parliament.


    • kiwi_guy

       /  3rd September 2014

      I don’t get what your point is, but that Sovereign definition seems to be Hobbes Leviathan.

      • My point is that the lack of wisdom of the members implies that the legislation of parliament is not legitimate. Hobbes may have thrown the baby out with the bathwater the he rejected traditional philosophical knowledge.

  3. kiwi_guy

     /  3rd September 2014

    Since the Standard clowns are Social Justice Warrior types with their politics informed by Marxist concepts about “Oppression”, “Class Warfare”, “Revolution/Transformation” etc, it is not surprising to see dissenters on that blog demonized and banished with the fury of a Maoist “Denunciation Meeting” or “Struggle Session” during the Cultural Revolution.

    I have enjoyed watching the fire being stocked under Keys, Collins scalped and Slater Bug sprayed, however if the Standard comrades are an indication of the Left mentality they are an unsatisfactory political alternative.

  4. Factchecker42

     /  3rd September 2014

    Pah Lynn Prentice the self styled lefty god sysop of the NZ blogsphere what a monumental dick !

    Laudafinem spike him mercilessly.




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