Battle for survival in Palmerston North

The electorate battle is looking close in Palmerston North.

In Palmerston North, a Manawatu Standard/Versus Research poll of 401 eligible voters released yesterday showed 40 per cent support for Labour incumbent Iain Lees-Galloway and 39 per cent for National’s Jono Naylor, the city’s mayor.

Key said their own polling has Naylor slightly ahead…

That’s a small sample size so the margin of error will be about +/- 4.8%) but an interesting result showing it coukld b e a close run race.

Iain Lees-Galloway may in a battle for survival as his chances via Labour’s list (he’s 24) depend on other electorate results and whether Labour’s vote keeps collapsing or not.

Jono Naylor is 51 on the list so National would need to get 47.3% (according to Kiwiblog) for him to  make it there. That’s borderline, it would be remarkable if National didn’t lose ground over their 2011 result (which happened to be 47.31%).

For both Lees-Galloway and Naylor the electorate battle may determine whether they make it into the next Parliament or not.

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  1. IGM

     /  9th September 2014

    I hope Jono kicks Lees-Galloway’s arse, Labour’s ineffectual sycophant, seen leering behind Cunliffe, laughing at his pathetic jokes, and devoid of guts. Take a look at them in the House, you will see Lees-Galloway, Parker, Hipkins, and Robertson . . . what a line-up of rainbows and effeminate losers.


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