“Vote Positive” and The Standard

Labour’s campaign slogan is “Vote Positive” but it doesn’t seem to be working very well for them, with poll results going negative.

But Labour’s polling is in a parlous state – at 23.8 per cent two weeks before the election.

It is the lowest it has ever been in the Herald’s records of DigiPoll, going back to October 1999.

The only time either of the two main parties has been lower under MMP was in July 2002. Two weeks before the election National polled 23.1 per cent (and 20.93 per cent on the day).

(NZ Herald – What’s eating Labour? Just 12 days left to save campaign)

Some party candidates have gone negative, with negative results.

The Labour Party election campaign is in a mess after one candidate reportedly made an anti-Semitic jibe shortly after another candidate sent a bizarre email telling a political journalist to “grow a pair”.

(NZ Herald – Labour candidate on ‘last, last chance’)

And Labour activist orientated blog The Standard is going hard out negative. On their current front page their last thirty posts are featured. Most of these are negative posts attacking National and Whale Oil (and trying to link him to National). Five are general debate posts, one is a self promotion for The Standard and of the rest the primary focus is not on promoting Labour, except one of the oldest posts which mostly tried to promote Cunliffe’s Christchurch debate effort.

Thoughts from the crowd on Tuesday night’s debate

Written By:

I was in the front row of the audience at the Press leader’s debate between David Cunliffe and John Key. While the media in Auckland and Wellington might have called it one way, the people in Christchurch were only presented with one leader who understands the issues in this city, and it wasn’t the Prime Minister.

Even the post summary was negative against the Prime Minister.  James Dann is a Labour candidate.

The self promotion is as much self promoting Standard sysop Lynn Prentice as The Standard

Meet The Standard

Written By: Date published: 4:39 pm, September 7th, 2014 – 24 comments

This tries to portray The Standard as independent authors:

The Standard is the sum of the loosely cooperative authors and their mixture of different viewpoints, and the commenters who have fun analyzing everything to death.

They are having fun trying to analyse National to a campaign death but lprent is a long time Labour activist who tries to distance The Standard from ‘Dirty Politics’.

It appears this blog runs on quite a different model to those on the right that have been  exposed in Dirty Politics.

But the attack nature of the posts is in stark contrast to that claim.

More from Thursday 4th September:

Whaledump twitter account suspended

Written By:

shushing key

Whaledump’s account on Twitter has been suspended.

Someone is trying to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Update: @Whaledump2 is providing more dumps and No Right Turn & lprent comment on it.

More Nat lies

Written By:

hekia parata and john key

National’s been lying about increased teacher numbers, and the state of the economy – and now they’re promising unaffordable tax cuts.



NetworkOnNet posts about the Ministry of Education under Tolley bullying good principals though WhaleOil. And also in Education news: this week all 4-7 year olds will be eligible for a free hot school lunch… in the UK.

Bunji is a Labour activist.

Show us the money John

Written By:

john-key-9John Key and National are talking about tax cuts. But when you think about the actual cost of the Christchurch rebuild and tumbling international milk prices you have to question if tax cuts are affordable or even justifiable.

mickysavage (Greg Presland) is closely associated with David Cunliffe’s New Lynn electorate.

Local Bodies: Whale Oil and Tolley Attacked Principals and Myself

Written By:

tolleyThe stench of National’s dirty politics is reeking like decayed blubber. Today it appears that Anne Tolley appears to have used Cameron Slater  to attack critics of their flawed education policies. The question is how much taxpayers funds did the ministers use on their vindictive support for the countries most despicable ‘blogger’?

NRT: Sensationalising the status quo

Pity the political reporter. Committed to horse-race style reporting and desperate for an ‘angle’. Patrick Gower on 3 News last night was desperately talking up how “complicated’ National’s… current arrangements are?? Use your brain Paddy…

Two re-posts selected for their negative attacks on National.

National’s sockpuppet is trying to muzzle press?

Written By:

Cameron Slater looks like he is the front person for National’s attempt to muzzle the press over their dirty politics for the next few weeks. How else can someone who has been pleading poverty in court seeks a High Court injunction against reporters writing about whaledumps of his emails? Updated with a offer to keep feeding and publicising the whaledumps.

Friday 5th:

Tories! Scared of Internet/Mana? I have the solution …

Written By:

Labour are going to lead the next Government. So what’s a Tory voter to do to keep the damge to a minimum? If the possibility of Hone Harawira and Laila Harre being Ministers in the Cunliffe administration is keeping you up at night, then Te Reo Putake has the answer.

This post tried to bizarrely talk up a 2002 style collapse for National when it looks like Labour is in danger of a similar fate. The ‘Guest’ is Labour activist ‘Te Reo Putake’.

Polity: The big lie

Rob Salmond looks at the Big Lie technique coming from the right and being gormlessly swallowed by some pundits. That Labour and the left aren’t talking about policy. They have been brimming over with policy. The right have vague possible ideas. Pundits are too obsessed in dirty politics to look at the detail of actual policies.

Rob Salmond is an adviser to David Cunliffe, closely associated with the Labour leader’s campaign.

The Big Lie in action

Written By:

This morning Rob Salmond did a great post about the “big lie” – the spin coming from the Right that Labour hasn’t concentrated on policy, just dirty politics.Like clockwork, David Farrar has a post up about the latest polls, suggesting “Their focus on hacked e-mails instead of policy  is backfiring.”

Stephanie Rodgers is working for Labour’s Ohariu electorate campaign.

The Streisand Effect (mickysavage) and ‘Dirty Politics’ symposium, streaming today (‘Karo’l, a Green Party promoter) promote National with ‘Dirty Politics’.

Child Poverty March tomorrow and Child Poverty March are promoting what amounts to an anti-National event. It was claimed to be non-partisan but a National MPs was jeered when he tried to speak at the rally. The latter was posted by Ben Clark who was a Labour candidate in 2011.

Saturday 6th

Slater deleting posts is by ‘Natwatch’, targeting National by an un-identified author with help fron lprent. There is no ‘Labwatch’.

Two weeks to go
By micksavage

Two weeks to go and polls suggest that National’s slide in the poll may be arrested.  But for how long?


Perceptions of National’s government
By lprent

There is how John Key and a few of his acolytes like to think of his government. Then there is how everyone else now does. The many ministers who have been abusing their position, were caught and ‘resigned’.  Now we can see the true nature than lurks beneath. A vote for National is a vote for Cameron Slater.


“‘Allo, ‘allo, ‘allo, ‘allo” -Final episode – (Series One) “Chaos and Mayhem”

Written By:

The Whale Oil Cafe has taken a hit. The walls have holes punched in them.  Most of the windows are smashed  and broken glass and dirt covers the cafe  floor.  The pictures of John Key are still hanging on the cafe walls, although the frames are smashed and glass broken… A whale of disaster has happened

susannact is an occasional anti-National satirical author.

Sunday 7th

There is no plan

Written By:


Name one new thing you’d do in the next 3 years in government.  Bill English: “-“

Airbrushing the VRWC

Written By:

In today’s Sunday Star Times, is an article on a Matthew Hooton & the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy). Hooton criticises John Key, does a couple of mea culpas, but ultimately, airbrushes the whole disgusting mess of dirty politics.

Democracy under attack

Written By: Date published: 10:10 am, September 7th, 2014 – 60 comments

How long before “they” use control of the internet and media to bury adverse information, subvert democracy and vilify and silence those who disagree. “They” are doing it, NOW! A Government no longer has legitimacy, when they regard their own citizens as the enemy.

Who is KJT? No disclosure but their political leanings are obvious, as is their Anti-National intent.

Tax cuts – simple question simple answer

Written By:
Categories: bill english, election 2014, john key, national, tax
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Duncan Garner asks – “when we’ve just borrowed $55b over 6 years how on earth are tax cuts suddenly affordable?”. Presumably it’s a rhetorical question…

Anthony also has a history of Labour involvement – but his target here is not Labour nor is it positive.

And Sunday also had a re-post Imperator Fish: Hand’s Off

John Key has served up so many lies, half-truths and evasions over his party’s role in dirty politics, that if he’d been David Cunliffe John Armstrong would have demanded his immediate execution.

But let’s go on, and keep up the fight. These crooked Tories may take away my country, my hope, and even my self-respect, but there’s one thing they’ll never have.

Wait a minute. It seems they have taken my freedom too.

Scott Yorke is also a Labour Party member active in electorate politics.

So much for Positive. The Standard and it’s Labour activists are going hard out negative – and wonder despair about Labour  struggling in the polls.

UPDATE: KJT has responded to this at The Standard, repeated here in full.

Note to Pete George.

I have had nothing to do with Labour since I resigned my membership in 1986.

Since my job was threatened by one of the then ACT infiltrators in Labour. One who is still there, by the way. The reason why I do not post under my own name. I was shocked that so much effort would be expended to silence a voice that had as little power as I did. It was my staunchly Republican gun nut US boss who saved my job. “I think you are talking a load of crap, but no-one should be sacked for a political view”. I have had a soft spot for genuinely principled right wingers, ever since.

All the negativity is simply accurate descriptions of how truly entitled, greedy and awful National’s senior figures have been exposed to be. how anyone who claims to have a conscience or any regard for Democracy thinks they still deserve support is beyound me.

Too many Authoritarian followers like Pete George, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Altemeyer, Who ignore reality because it would interfere with their comfortable world view.

Lately I support the Greens, in removing the ongoing disaster that is National’s destruction of New Zealand.

I would post on “yournz” but we cannot trust the right wing not to breach our privacy

The problem with no disclosures at The Standard is that you can only by chance – or by reaction like this – discover the political affiliations of authors.

Polls show that currently a majority of people feel different to KJT about National.

I’m not “right wing” and I have never breached privacy on this blog – ironically considering KJT’s comment it was not right wing hackers who ilegally obtained Whale Oil data and it was not a right wing author who breached privacy in a book.

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  1. IGM

     /  8th September 2014

    Bradbury will show them all how to vote at least twice.

  2. Do Brown and Cunliffe share the same Asian desires?

  3. Alistair

     /  17th September 2014

    well what a relief not having to read endless criticisms of signing a school fundraiser painting, being driven fast in a car by cops, and not having children etc etc.
    At least the left’s criticisms are focussed on the real issues

  1. The Standard versus David Farrar and Dirty Politics | Your NZ

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