Not my kind of woman

Karen Price has admitted her Twitter attacks on her husband’s caucus colleagues was “ill-judged”. However she has had  praise from some for “standing by her man”.

Brian Edwards posts that Karen Price is his kind of woman in Shock! Horror! Wife defends husband!!!!

I know Karen Price reasonably well. She is, in my submission, an absolutely marvellous woman. TV3 viewers got a glimpse of her qualities when John Campbell visited the Cunliffes at their Herne Bay home. (It’s not ‘a mansion’ by the way.) Not to put too fine a point on it, Karen stole the show.

I suspect that she’d rather not be the wife of a politician. But the wife of a politician she is and he happens to be the newly resigned Leader of the Opposition and his party and much of the country has turned its face against him. And much of what is being said about Karen Price’s husband really isn’t very nice. Tough call!

Well, her method of attacking those who were attacking her husband might not have been well-advised and might have been lacking in Machiavellian subtlety, but you really have to admire it. “Good on you, Karen!” I say. “Well done!” “No apology required.” Those people are assholes anyway.

And a footnote: One of our regular walks takes us past the Cunliffes’ drive. I increase my stride a little as we go past and not just because David almost killed me reversing at speed over the footpath some years ago. Suffice to say that I’m less fearful today of a repeat performance from the Member for New Lynn, than from his wife, quite possibly armed with a meat cleaver.

Now that’s my kind of woman!

‘Flo’ commented:

During the last election campaign we had hundreds of students at Internet Mana rallies chanting F…John Key. Did we hear anything in response from Bronagh Key? No. We had musicians releasing a single, with words talking about raping the prime minister’s daughter. Did Bronagh Key react? No. The absolute character assassination that John Key had to endure during the campaign was evident for all to see. Did Bronagh Key react? No. Their dignity under 6 weeks of prolonged attack was impressive.

Absent any evidence to the contrary we can presume Bronagh hasn’t reacted in social media (up until the last few days I would have presumed Karen wouldn’t have either), but we can’t be sure.

Perhaps Bronagh is smart enough not to use @BronBitch2 as an anonymous identity. However she may be smarter still and stay well away from social media.

And…I can think of much smarter ways of sticking up for her husband than attacking his colleagues without telling him anything about it.

Cunliffe claims he “couldn’t have known” about the Twitter account. He could easily have known, if his wife had spoken to him about it. Cunliffe was at home while this was happening.

Secret attacks on one’s husband’s colleagues kept secret from one’s husband is not my kind of woman.

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  1. Brown

     /  2nd October 2014

    This shows that living with an idiot who repeatedly does stupid things rubs off. Is there anyone in the Labour party not infected with the stupid gene?

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  2nd October 2014

    I don’t see anonymous tweet attacks on colleagues as a good thing to do, or as ‘standing by your man’. The Dotcrim witless attacks on John Key did not deserve a response, as it was obvious that they were a one-man vendetta and that the perpetrator was trying to provoke a reaction. The best thing to do with such things is to let them speak for themselves. The tweets were a completely different thing; it’s a pointless comparison. They were just an embarrassment.

  3. IGM

     /  3rd October 2014

    Mix with dogs get fleas . . . Cunliffe is toxic, much In the mould of Slobcrim. He employed McCarten to throw sleeze at JK and it backfired big-time. Tough luck losers!

    • Kittycatkin

       /  3rd October 2014

      I can well believe that he didn’t know about the tweets…but I wouldn’t have liked to be her when he found out. What a stupid thing to do. She has probably signed his political death certificate.


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