New Kiwiblog moderation strikes

David Farrar has been promising to toughen up on abusive comments at Kiwiblog with a new three strikes moderation policy. The first and second strikes give an indication of intent.

The first was on the thread Volunteers sought for Kiwiblog last Friday, where fairly predictably ‘Kea’ got the first strike:

And that Scott Chris shows you are fundamentally unsuited to make that choice. You are a coward and intellectually dishonest. Your own contributions are worthless dross for those reasons.

But I would allow you to share your brain-farts in total freedom. They make other contributors look good and fill the diversity quota [for the handicapped] at the same time.

[DPF: Thanks for the perfect example of an unacceptable comment. You’re the first person to get a strike under the new regime]

That’s relatively mild from Kea, who has been banned several times under the old moderation system. Kea is a prolific commenter with some good things to say at times but often resorts to personal abuse, sometimes extreme even by (past) Kiwiblog standards.

The second strike was yesterday, and was a second strike for Kea:

Scott Chris has pushed the “Report abusive comment” button FIFTY TIMES. What a cowardly wanker.

DPF gives me a strike but sees none of the abuse thrown at me by this, and other, abusive bigots on a daily basis. DPF has form for this sort of thing and his bullshit claims about lack of bias further erode his remaining credibility. The primary reason he demerits me is for my views.

I am out of here folks for good and are closing my account. Though I will pop in to watch KB continue its decline into a fanatical Christian anti-Muslim hate site.

[DPF: And that was strike two. You’re not yet suspended if you change your mind]

Scott Chris had openly admitted reporting the abuse – as requested by DPF – and if Kea had felt unacceptable abuse had been directed at him he could have done likewise.

If Kea changes his mind and returns then on past form a third strike will be difficult for him to avoid.

This new moderation regime seems to have made some of the regulars a bit uneasy but if they don’t resort to personal abuse they shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Some at Kiwiblog seem to have for a long time considered abuse, bullying and trying to drive other away a bit of sport. They will have to get used to the referee’s new rules.

Kiwiblog Comments Policy

UPDATE: Another strike on 8/10/2014

Nukuleka (316 comments) says:

Not sure why you should worry about having any code of standards about your blog DPF when you mindlessly use inappropriate and offensive language at will. Perhaps you are the offensive little creep that the left wing hate blogs suggest. Maybe JK would be wise to start to distance himself from you as well as from Cameron Slater.

[DPF: Strike 1]

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