Rating Labour’s contenders

There’s been much comment and naming of preferences of Labour’s leadership contenders at The Standard, as can be expected.

An interesting list of priorities from ‘Ad’:

1. Unite the caucus and members and affiliates
2. Appeal to Labour voters and swing voters
3. Could form a credible alternative government with the Greens and NZFirst
4. Can beat Key on the campaign

The above is both sequence and weighting. I’m holding my nose on ideology for now.

I think that’s a fair and realistic call.

Each contender is then measured against this list:

1. Hard to unite caucus and members.
2. Will have appeal if media framed well
3. Could form coalition
4. Reasonable chance against Key

1. Limited caucus support.
2. Appeals to base but no more.
3. Could form coalition if she can work hard enough
4. Slow and boring on campaign

1. Struggle to unite.
2. Broad regional and business appeal
3. Too dry for easy coalition
4. Would struggle against Key

1. Would unite more of caucus, and certainly members
2. Would appeal, if heavily media-trained and well framed. If.
3. Would be strong forming coalition
4. Would currently struggle against Key

In the main that looks like a fair appraisal.

Three years from the next election it’s difficult to estimate how any of them would stand up against John Key during a campaign.

I disagree with needing to be “heavily media-trained”, or at least appearing to be heavily trained. That seemed to stuff up Shearer big time and it didn’t do Cunliffe much good either.

Voters sense an act and a non-genuine politician far more readily than they listen to poliparrot waffle.

Whoever becomes the next leader has to improve substantially on their current profile and performance as well as unite and substantially improve Labour’s performance (caucus and party).

Can a mix of caucus, affiliates and party members pick a leader of the future? It’s not easy at the best of times.

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  1. George Clooney's doppelganger

     /  16th October 2014

    If only Kelvin Davis had been a contender……


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