Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain advocacy group

One of the strongest reasons for changing our cannabis law is the benefits of using cannabis to treat chronic pain.

Shane Le Brun posted a comment on an advocacy group he is involved with, it’s worth a separate post.

I am traditionally a little right wing politically, (8+ years in defence force and all that that entails) but I 100% support Decriminalization and Full medical use.

The reason I support its application medically is chronic pain. My wife had a fall on Ice at age 22 and ruptured 2 lumbar discs, which then pushed on her nerves going down the legs. She was put on strong opiates after 9months as it seemed surgery was iminent, to allow her to continue working and moving.

Then ACC happened, and it took nearly 2 years to get the surgery, in that time, the pain wind up on nerves became permanent, and her tolerance to opiate based pain killers went up. The surgery removed the mechanical aspect of her pain, but the nerves are permanently fried, and the pain does not abate, because of this, she has had 40+ ED visits when we cant get a handle on the pain, and they have overdosed her 3 times, once requiring Naloxone, and once while pregnant, putting our unborn child at risk of cerebral hemorrhaging when her oxygen sats dipped to a mere 70%……

When her pain is in flare mode, few things fix it, Ketamine, (administered by the Angels at St John) Intra Muscular Morphine, Cannabis, and if the pain is due to muscle spasm, Diazepam suppository.

Considering she has been Overdosed 3 times in 4 years, CNS depressants are less than ideal, so long term scratch Ketamine and Morphine off the list, (she is now on a low dose of Methadone, which is actually a very effective Opiate for Nerve Pain, and I wish someone had the balls to put her on it years ago….)

Look at the Ovedose rate in the states, MMJ has very quickly reversed the trend in ever increasing deaths from Overdose of Opiates such as Oxycodone.

We are law abiding citizens, but a long term future on Methadone is far more grim than a bit of cannabis soaked in olive oil. I have created an Advocacy group to gather like minded people in the chronic pain side of things to begin advocating for change, please feel free to join and contact me.

Facebook link: Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Advocacy group NZ.

This is a closed group that you have to request to become a member of.

This group is designed around actual advocacy and contact with politicians and the media to raise awareness of the plight of Chronic Pain patients, who often do not have the energy and ability to advocate themselves, about the success many of them have had with using Marijuana to improve their quality of life, while countering political arguments with regards to MMJ held by politicians, such as legal alternatives being better, when in many cases the Poly prescription approach proves more harmful, such as combining anti psychotics, with Methadone Valium.

Conspiracy theorists, Cancer cure shills and Salesmen etc are not welcome, we want the cold hard truth, and aim for Cannabis to be a 3rd line treatment option for pain, after morphine, and before the more dangerous Opiates and other medications doctors freely give out when they have given up, such as Anti Pyschotics.

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  1. Good to see it being raised Pete.. the biggest ‘problem’ is many politicians & those opposed (for whatever reason) to law reform, they don’t seem to accept that cannabis does have medicinal properties (esp CBD) & is not just an excuse to legalise personal, recreational use !
    BUT 40-odd years of lies & propaganda (reefer madness etc.) is deep in the public psyche. We need to get past this nonsense & misinfo. & start listening to other, more rational voices.

  2. Shane, the “law abiding citizen” meme isn’t going to help you here. There’s a wealth of information available on growing your own, and LED lighting makes an indoor operation quite feasible. The main issues are: don’t be stupid and don’t get greedy. IOW don’t tell anyone that you are growing it and don’t sell it. Cannabis indica reputedly has better medicinal properties than cannabis sativa, and like any vegetable it is best raw.

    I know of one case where the police were aware of a small non-commercial growing operation where the grower was using cannabis for pain relief and they did nothing. No guarantees of course, but if you don’t associate with criminals and you don’t make trouble then there’s little reason for them to have an interest in you.


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