Gander sauce all over Winstons’ face

Winston Peters, like Russel Norman, is suggesting the police raid John Key’s house. 3 News reports Winston, Norman: Raid Key’s house over hacker claim

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman think police should raid Mr Key’s house and office if he claims to know who the hacker is.

“[Mr Key] says he’s not actually certain – another brain-fade. If you do know conclusively, you should say so, but he says he doesn’t know,” Mr Peters says.

Peters should be wary of bringing brain fades into the discussion, he’s not exactly as sharp as he once was.

It’s nothing like a brain fade to say that you are not certain whether something you have been told is correct or not.

Peters may think that rumours he’s told are sufficient to try and wreck political careers but many of his attacks are far from conclusive. Most seem to be little more than hot air.

Asked if police should search Mr Key’s property he replied: “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, isn’t it?”.

If the police searched a politician’s property every time they made a hearsay claim they would virtually have to live with Peters.

He’s probably made more unsubstantiated claims – trying to discredit and destroy careers – than all other current MPs put together.

There is gander sauce all over Winston’ face.

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  1. Mike C

     /  31st October 2014

    I dont think that it is a coincidence, that the two politicians who are trying to gun Prime Minister Key down during Q&A, have both visited the Chrisco Mansion several times.

    They both sound desperate.

    Are Peters and Norman afraid the Police Investigation into Rawsharks identity will implicate them both as being involved in the hacking of Slaters hard drives ???

  2. Ian McKinnon

     /  31st October 2014

    Mike C: You are right on the money, and don’t forget Cunliffe, Bradbury, Campbell, McCarten, and Espiner.

    • Mike C

       /  31st October 2014

      I knew that Martyn-Martin Bradbury and John Campbell had both gone to visit Kim DotCom at the Coatesville Mansion.

      Are you saying David Cunliffe and Guyon Espiner also visited Kim DotCom ???

      This is “New News” to me, Ian.

      Would explain why Cunliffe and Espiner have almost disappeared off the face of the earth in recent weeks 🙂


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