Is Norman too close to the hacking, to the hacker and to Hager?

Russel Norman’s persistence in trying to hammer John Key over “Dirty Politics” seems to be adversely affecting his judgement.

Norman has suggested that the police should raid John Key’s house because Key has admitted being provided with a possible identity of the hacker ‘Rawshark’. NZ Herald report in John Key won’t reveal Rawshark’s name:

‘If this is the Prime Minister now saying that he thinks he knows who Rawshark is the question for the police is why aren’t they raiding his house?

“The police spent 10 hours going through Nicky Hager’s house because Nicky Hager supposedly knows who Rawshark is, well the Prime Minister is now on the public record saying he knows who Rawshark is. I would expect the police to be consistent and even handed and to raid the Prime Minister’s house and his office to find out who Mr Key thinks Rawshark is.”

This is a bizarre suggestion. What if Norman knew the hacker’s identity – should his house be raided?

I would expect the police to be consistent and even handed and to raid the Prime Minister’s house and his office” – if a Green MP’s home or office was raided by the police I suspect Norman would have a very different attitude.

Apart from the political implications it’s absurd to think that Key would have evidence of the identity in his home or office.

Key said ““Someone phoned and told me who the hacker was” – so if the police wanted to investigate that they would presumably look for phone records from telecommunication companies. It would be very unlikely there would be evidence in Key’s home or any of his offices.

Norman has also made some erroneous assertions.

“The police spent 10 hours going through Nicky Hager’s house” – this is a common claim. As far as I’m aware ten hours elapsed between the police arriving at Hager’s house and them leaving. Some of the time in between was spent talking with Hager, lawyers and superiors by phone, and waiting for responses. I don’t know of any facts about how long the searching took.

“Nicky Hager supposedly knows who Rawshark is” – because he has described in some detail his contact with the hacker, as reported by David Fisher at NZ Herald in August:

Hager says he spent weeks talking the person into letting him see the material and use it to build the narrative which became Dirty Politics. The hacker, says Hager, gave him everything. “I’ve seen everything. I’m 100 per cent sure.” The hacker then expressed a desire to keep back some material for himself. “We kind of negotiated how much,” he says. “I said ‘can I have all the political stuff’.” Hager got what he asked for and so, the book was written.

That’s a lot more involved than being told a name.

Ok, I presume Norman doesn’t seriously think that the police should raid Key over this.

But Norman has been increasingly looking obsessed over nailing John Key over “Dirty Politics”. His frustration at not scoring any significant hits seems to be affecting his judgement.

This abnormal Norman nonsense adversely affects the credibility of Green Party leadership and of the campaign Hager and his associates is trying to wage against Key.

How close is Norman to the hacking, to the hacker and to Hager?

That’s not for the police to investigate, but perhaps some journalists should be curious. Norman’s abnormal nonsense raises suspicions.

It may be nothing more than hope there is something in it to finally knock Key of his Prime Ministerial perch, but it seems to be clouding Norman’s judgement.

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  1. Mike C

     /  31st October 2014

    Russel Normans behaviour over the “Dirty Politics” book, and the constant badgering of Prime Minister Key, is starting to border on manic.

    • Goldie

       /  31st October 2014

      Agreed. Russell Norman seems quite obsessed by this. Russell Norman personally detests Key, but he is letting it cloud his judgement.
      I would have thought that after a less than stellar election result, Russell Norman would have clicked that the issues that motivate the hard-left are off-putting for moderate and centre voters.

      • There seems to be an entrenched view on the left that a two tier strategy used against them using ‘dirty politics’ is why the voter turned away from the left.

        They aren’t ready to accept that most voters simply don’t want the Green left or the Mana left or Dotcom or a perpetually dysfunctional Labour anywhere near Government. They think they are so right and so good they don’t understand they are not liked.

  2. kaykaybee

     /  31st October 2014

    Someone needs to ask Norman (under privilege) whether he knows who the hacker was?

  3. Karen

     /  31st October 2014

    Who is Rawshark? I think half the country knows (I don’t) This person doesn’t have name suppression so could anyone point to a website that’s giving clues on how to find out?

    • Mike C

       /  31st October 2014

      I would so love to tell you who the person is that most of us think Rorschach is, but I am not willing to risk the outcome of the Police Investigation.

      Sorry to be such an effin kill-joy 🙂

  4. IF Key knows anything.. he will only admit it, IF its to his advantage.. OR if he remembers (seems to suffer a lot of brain fades, when it suits him too) Maybe we could rename him Sgt. Shultz ?

  5. Maybe the story that Key was told his identity was just to promote the idea that you can’t cause embarrassment to the PTB’s without repercussions. Time will tell, I guess.

  6. coffee_now

     /  31st October 2014

    Anyone have any suspicions as to who this Rawshark person is? I have no idea.

  7. You’ve got one thing right key s far to cunning to ever get his finger prints on anything


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