Rating 24 new MPs – Stuff

In Rating the new MPs Stuff reviews their maiden speeches in Parliament but doesn’t really rate them, they list a Best Quote, a Highlight and offer some constructive criticism.

Twenty-four new Members of Parliament have given their maiden speeches over the past fortnight. Blake Crayton-Brown checks out the good, the bad and the indifferent.

It’s interesting enough but there’s not much to judge the MPs on from one speech, there’s a lot more to being an MP than speaking ability (although it does help). Time will tell how well they contribute to Parliament over the next three years.

National have 8 new electorate MPs and 6 new list MPs.This is proportionally slightly more than than their vote and shows that National are moving non-performing MPs on.

Labour have 3 new electorate MPs, only a half of their vote proportion so not good for renewal.

NZ First have 4 new list MPs, partly due to an increase in their vote and partly due to them expelling (Brendan Horan) or demoting (Andrew Williams) MPs.

Greens have 1 new list MP (James Shaw). This isn’t much renewal for Greens but Shaw is predicted to make a significant impact.

The Maori Party has their first list MP (Marama Fox) – until this election they always got more electorate MPs than their party vote.

Act have 1 new electorate MP (David Seymour) following John Banks problems last term.

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  1. kathy maddren

     /  6th November 2014

    I really enjoyed Todd Barclays maiden speech, and if he is an indication of the future of the National Party, then I am extremely happy 🙂


  2. It is good to see some ‘changing of the guard’ on all sides of the house. The one I see making a big impact (in the opening weeks) being the first Maori party list MP :
    Marama Fox ! She speaks well, including in Te Reo. “Ka Pai Marama”

    The only negative, being they again joined ‘team key’ on the right..

    • Mike C

       /  6th November 2014

      Shame that Cunliffe cow-towed to Winnies whims, and refused to work with the racist Maori Party.

      But we welcomed Marama and Te Urerua and the Maori Party with open arms 🙂

      When do the Unions finally get to pick the winner of the “Annual Labour Leadership Pageant”, Zedd ??? LOL.

      • The Labour leadership fizzled out of the lime light. The new leader will be announced on the 18th. Nearly two weeks more without a proper leader. Then it won’t be long until things phase down for the end of year.

        • kathy maddren

           /  6th November 2014

          Which one of the four nags do you think will manage to stumble across the finish line first, Pete ???

          My bet is on “The Little-List Ass”, closely followed by “My Hooters”, and nobody cares who comes in third and last. LOL.

          • I think Andrew Little is the best bet. He genuinely appears interested in listening – I have personal experience of this, he’s been prepared to respond and engage since well before this leadership contest.

            And he seems to be openly and honestly acknowledging Labour’s core problems and wants to address them and get the party working together. And he has experience sorting out a fragmented organisation, the EPMU.. Whether he would be able to or not is yet to be seen, there’s no way of knowing how anyone will step up to a leadership level. Labour’s hit rate has been poor over the last six years but they must strike the jackpot eventually.

  3. I thought this topic was ‘new MPs’ ?
    Labour leadership, is up to Labour

    • Discussing Labour leadership is up to anyone who feels like it.

      Getting their leadership sorted is an important step towards getting a decent level of competition in Parliament, a weak opposition weakens everything.

    • Mike C

       /  6th November 2014

      Do you want to kill the natural progression of free flowing speech in here Zedd ???

      You’re certainly giving Pete Belt a good run for his money. LOL.


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