Whale Oil fundraising inconsistencies

There has been another post on Whale Oil which continues a fund raising drive including promoting auctions of signed Whale Oil polo shirts, and continues soliciting for more donations, but there are inconsistencies in claims and assurances.

This follows two sympathy and fund seeking posts last weekend:

Today’s post from Belt – From the passenger seat: $7,800 – is more odd explaining (and excusing Slater for being too busy on legal matters) and more fundraising. But on the latter there are some conflicting claims.

As things progressed, the legal costs were mounting, and we were staring at a small mortgage to pay off.  As is the way, with people on the right, we don’t run out and go begging – we try and dig our own way out of our own problems.  

Except that their digging out has involved begging for financial help.

One of them was to increase the number of advertisements on Whaleoil, in an attempt to increase the income and flick that the way of the legal debts.

There has been a marked increasing in advertising – see A Whale of a mess compared – which is likely to have put audience off rather than attracted them. It was obviously an attempt to increase more revenue but risks being counter-productive.

Further on (just after posting the bank account details for donations and just before the links to fundraising Trademe auctions) Belt says:

Some people have asked where all the money has gone that is donated via our usual “Donate” button.  Well, those donations are clearly to ensure that the blog keeps on running, and that has nothing to do with the legal bills.  So they were never touched for anything other than direct blog expenses.  

In our mind, the blog and Cam’s personal legal problems are different things.  

Also, we compartmentalise this so that our detractors can never shut down the blog simply by trying to push Cam into financial black hole.

While he doesn’t specifically mention site advertising here surely that revenue should be in the blog running expenses compartment and not syphoned off to pay for legal expenses, but Belt had early said that’s what the extract advertising was for.

It’s common for people under financial pressure to shuffle money around to try and stem bleeding. If Whale Oil advertising revenue disappears into a legal black hole it puts the blog at risk, despite Belt claiming they are avoiding that happening.

And there’s mixed messages from the Trademe auctions.

Seller comment: At this stage, the objective is to help Cam Slater knock off his legal debts. There is talk about creating some more merchandise, but it won’t be the same as this. One of the items we’re thinking of is a SonovaMin cartoon T-Shirt. Keep a rough eye on the web site, hopefully some of this well occur in time for the Xmas shopping.

At this stage, it is a fund raiser. Soon, it will mostly be to build and support the reader community.

Will they audit the different funds and provide statements to donors?

And they seem to be changing things as they go.

Seller Comment: Please note the polo will be custom made for you, and therefore an order is placed AFTER the auction completes. After that, it needs to also go to Cam Slater for signing. There will probably be a 2-3 week delay for delivery. People who are leading the bidding now and do not agree to that additional condition/information need to start the process to have their lead bid removed. Apologies for not making this clear as part of the auction description.

That comment has been added to all the auctions.

Donor beware.

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  1. Mike C

     /  6th November 2014

    LOL. I have two words for you, PGeo 🙂

  2. kathy maddren

     /  6th November 2014

    Pete Belt wrote in his $7,800 Passenger Seat Post:-

    “As things progressed, the legal costs were mounting, and we were looking at a small mortgage to pay off”.

    Is Pete Belt trying to tell us that it is his mortgage that has been keeping Slater afloat financially ?

    People with Bi-Polar are usually hopeless with money.

    Are the TradeMe Whale Oil Shirt auctions and the KiwiBank Donations account, for Pete Belt, as opposed to Cam Slater ?


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