What’s happening with Mana?

Very little by the look of things. The Mana Movement seems to have stalled since their election disaster. Their current website home page:

Mana post election webpage

There doesn’t seem to be much revolting going on. They are still showing “Help us change the Government” and a number of Internet-Mana election items including “The Roadtrip” with Kim Dotcom and Laila Harre – that turned out to be a bad trip.

And the last post was a month ago, a Media Advisory on October 7 which begins:

“MANA Leader, Hone Harawira will not be available to speak with media today regarding his release “Recount Just One Step To restoring Credibility”

The recount was another failure.

There is some ongoing activity on their Facebook page – but they are still promoting “Party vote Internet Mana”.

Mana Facebook

@ManaParty on Twitter hasn’t been active since the 2011 election.

@ManaPartyNZ states: Official Mana Party twitter feed. Mana, ko te waka whakarei o te iwi.

It has only tweeted once.

There are several Hone Harawira Twitter accounts but none seem to be active. Harawira hasn’t featured in the news for over two weeks, he seems to have dropped out of sight.

Time will tell whether this is a hiatus for Harawira and the Mana Movement or if they will fade from the political landscape.

The Internet Party seems to have also stalled since the election. Their website seems to still be in election mode and the last “News” post was on 18 September, election day.

There is one sign of life though, Annette Sykes (Mana Party)is listed as a speaker at the Global Day of Action against the TPPA event in Rotorua today.

Otherwise the Mana Movement looks morbid.

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  1. Mike C

     /  8th November 2014

    Must beg to differ with you, Pee-Gee 🙂
    I think the Mana Party is revolting. LOL.

  2. Phil Wild

     /  8th November 2014

    I am quite sure that they and the internet party are both well and truly finished. Crim Con will not be putting any money towards them and now Hone is off the public teat he will be too busy looking for another trough to feed from.

    • Mike C

       /  8th November 2014

      The contract between Hone Horewira and Kim DotCom was able to be dissolved six weeks after the General Election.

      However, it appears to still exist.

      Did Hone have some dirt on DotCom, that has provided him with the ability to pay the mortgage on his new house, as well as not have to join the dole queue ???

      If so, then Hone has sucked on DotComs teat since 20 September, Phil. LOL.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  8th November 2014

    Mike C sort of beat me to it, but I think that Crim Dotcon is revolting.

    There’s a vacancy for Mrs Fatcon III; any takers ? Kathy ? $24,000,000 for 6 years of married bliss with Germany’s answer to George Clooney = $4,000,000 a year or about $80,000 a week. Plus you get to cuddle up to him every night.

    (runs away very quickly)

    • kathy maddren

       /  8th November 2014

      Why did you think I would want such a crappy job Kitty ?

      All the gold bullion in Fort Knox could not entice me to cohabitate with such a vile manipulative person, let alone to share the same bed and have sex with him.

      I prefer my men to wear a suit and tie and well nuggeted shoes to bed.

      It is important for girls like us to have standards Kitty. LOL.

      • kittycatkin

         /  8th November 2014

        You are very ungrateful, and I won’t bother to find YOU a husband again. I would guess that he wouldn’t be bothering you too much in er, THAT department-he needs all his energy to heave himself around, never mind anything else. 😀

        (stalks off in a huff, hurt by Kathy’s base ingratitude)

  4. kittycatkin

     /  8th November 2014

    Maybe Pam Corkery started up her women’s brothel after all and Hone’s working in it to pay rhe mortgage 😀 😀 😀

  5. Mike C

     /  8th November 2014

    What’s Laila Harre up to these days ???

    Is she still delivering restaurant flyers into letter boxes, or has she managed to con yet another political party into giving her money for doing absolutely jack-shit.

    • kittycatkin

       /  9th November 2014

      Kathy, (seriously) one would have to wonder what sort of woman would be bothered with the unlovely Crim. The photos of him with women where he points to them with that gleeful open-mouthed grin as if they were his new toys are quite worrying. If an adult woman likes what his money can buy more than she dislikes being treated like that, that’s her concern, but I’d guess that if someone considers that they’ve bought you, then they’ll treat you as a possession. No wonder he chose the former Mrs C when she was a teenager. In almost every photo of him and a woman that I’ve seen (not that many, I must admit) he is acting as if the woman is his property-Mrs C is well out of it.


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