Where’s the flag?

A photo of John Key at APEC in China (via Key’s Twitter: A quick breakfast with some of the New Zealand CEOs and our youth delegation who are also here for APEC.”):


Easily and distinctively recognisable as New Zealand.

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  1. Brown

     /  11th November 2014

    Could get mistaken for ISIS. Flags shouldn’t be black.

  2. Brown

     /  11th November 2014

    That was tongue in cheek Pete but black is depressing and represents darkness. You don’t see Dracula sunbathing in a nice bright number do you, or black cars (unless they are a bit naughty or at least pretending to be). I don’t see it as right to use what is effectively a sporting logo as a measure of a bigger identity.

    It may be cool for stereos but not to represent a country. I don’t think it needs a change at present but will review that when Britain capitulates to Islam. Key’s raising of the issue is just a distraction for the proles.


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