Hey Clint, that’s playing dirty politics

I found this at The Standard while I was searching for something on a post celebrating David Cunliffe’s success – And the winner is…


That’s ‘Hey Clint’ who was an author at The Standard under at least one name (dishonest practice) and has worked in the Labour, then Green, then the Labour leader’s office from the start of this year.

Insinuating any party would finance a ‘public’ poll is ludicrous and dirty politics itself without providing any facts to back it up.

And what did “Dirty Politics” say about iPredict?

Page 54:

The following week, on 28 March, Slater joked with Jordan Williams over Facebook about iPredict running stakes on who had leaked the Pullar e-mail. ‘See iPredict?’ Jordan asked? Slater asked on what and Williamns said the ‘acc leaker’.

‘Heh’, Slater replied, ‘who is winning?’Williams, who had been spending money to move the stakes, said ‘Collins or acc official. I’ve shorted Simon [Lusk] quite a bit, brought him right down’.

Page 64:

Slater also used a small sum of money provided by Lusk to manipulate Victoria University’s iPredict rankings of the Rodney candidates and then wrote posts using the iPredict results to reinforce their campaign.

Here are Slater and Lusk discussing iPredict” ‘Great post on ipredict,’ Lush said. ‘You like, i manipulate[d] scott to being the front runner before i posted, only took $5,’ Slater replied.’How much of the $200 have you got left?’ Lusk asked. ‘All of it,’ Slater replied.

Lusk and Slater were promoting one candidate for selection for National for an electorate.They were doing business on their own. It was dirtyish if Slater was using blog posts to make money on iPredict, but there is no indication that the National Party or ‘#teamKey’ were involved.

Clint Smith states he is still ‘Labour policy guy’. He gets involved in more than policy, he has been attacking Key and National through Twitter recently including today.

His association of Key with #dirty politics and his insinuation about ‘#’teamkey’ financing leader’s debates opinion polls, plus his misrepresentation of what was claimed in “Dirty Politics”, was playing dirty. And it was politics.

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  1. Frank May

     /  20th November 2014

    Is “i-predict” a type of gambling, Pee-Gee?


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