“Goff is a serial leaker”

Keeping Stock comments at Kiwiblog on Phil Goff’s record as a leaker, the latest example the leaking of

Phil Goff was allegedly warned by the police recently for breaching a suppression order over the circumstances of the death of an NZDF member. Now it seems that Goff is responsible for knowingly breaching the embargo on the Gwyn report, in contravention of the instructions of Ms Gwyn when advance copies were released; potentially a criminal offence, punishable by up to one year in prison. Here’s how Bill English described it yesterday:

This is the man who leaked the findings of this report yesterday in direct breach of the confidentiality order that he signed, which states that it is an offence to leak it. So why would the public believe anything that the Labour members say about this report? This is the confidentiality order, and on the bottom it says: “Received and acknowledged”. That is, when you give evidence you sign it to say that you acknowledge that you are under a confidentiality order and that you acknowledge that it will be an offence if you breach it. Despite him personally acknowledging that, he leaked it.

Phil Goff is a serial leaker; “gone by lunchtime”, MFAT, NZDF suppression order and now this. I hope this matter is referred to the Police, and that on this occasion, it is decided that is IS in the public interest to prosecute Mr Goff, if for no other reason than to prove that NO New Zealander, even a 27-year veteran of Parliament, is above the law.

Will the media pick up on that?

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  1. traveller

     /  26th November 2014

    I left a comment on this subject in Open Forum. It’s appalling that apart from Espiner on Morning Report this morning nobody else is yet talking about Goff – the man whose lies lay at the heart of this drama, the man allowed to lie for two weeks, then when balance was sought from other quarters, jumps up and down like the cossetted, entitled and lifelong public teat sad sack he is.

  2. Budgieboy

     /  26th November 2014

    “Will the media pick up on that?” – what colour rosette does he wear every third year?


    OK, nothing to see here move right along.

  3. Ian McKinnon

     /  26th November 2014

    Goff is known in many circles around the House as “Weasel . . . one wonders why!

  4. Of course the media will ignore Goff’s leaks. They want to keep getting fed free scoops.

  5. I hope that the Police turn up at Goffs home and give him a free ride down to the station. It’s time for Goff to be taught a lesson.

  6. David

     /  26th November 2014

    Why would the media pick up on it ? Being the beneficiaries of said leaks it is biting the hand that feeds you. The only time a leak is outrageous is if it doesn’t go to a member of the group think clique that is our media.

  1. Phil Goff: “please explain” spleak | Your NZ

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