“They still have standard bloggers on staff”

In a text to John Key on Monday Cameron Slater said “They still have standard bloggers on staff”. ‘They’ meaning Labour.

Lyn Prentice has long denied this has ever been the case, but while posts continue at The Standard from unidentified sources they will have difficulty batting this sort of claim away.

On Saturday I posted Attacker hides behind ‘Notices and Features’ and was attacked at The Standard for asking why ‘Notices and Features’ was being used for attack posts. The degree of attack suggested a sensitivity to this being raised.

Despite claims ‘Notices and Features’ was only used to “report” and not to post opinions it has continued to be used through this week to attack political opponents.

I would post proof of this but currently The Standard is out of action.

Prentice has also been involved in “Dirty Politics” and The Standard has promoted a one sided slant on who plays dirty.

Being devious and dishonest runs a high risk of blowing up in one’s face. Prentice may not care, he is likely to bluster on regardless.

But Labour should be very careful about how they deal with this.

“Dirty hypocrisy” is not a good look.

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  1. CS: [journalist] gave it away to me…Goff leaked SIS report
    Nov 24

    PM: It’s a joke isn’t it. They will attack Jason for talking to u and they break the confidentiality agreement. Classic lab.
    Nov 24

    CS: Yup…I’m very angry over it…Goff is the one who leaked oravida stuff too.
    Nov 24

    CS: They still have standard bloggers on staff
    Nov 24

    CS: And Mccarten was involved in hack
    Nov 24

    PM: Hopefully it will all come out in time
    Nov 24

    CS: I wish they would hurry up…they played the real dirty politics…even tried to kill me…I have evidence of.
    Nov 24


    Jessica: Have you spoken to Cameron Slater since this report came out yesterday night?

    Mr Key: Well I haven’t spoken to him on the phone for months and months and months on end. He sent me a text one time but I can’t remember when that was.

    Jessica: Has he text you about this particular report?

    My Key: No.


    • Yes Key lied. Goff also lied. he continues to do so.

      • Where’s your proof?

        • “The broadcast or publication of that information may also have contravened the IGIS Act and, in any case, these events raise questions for the handling of future reports.

          “Any issue of prosecution will, however, be for the police,” she said in a statement.

          Mr Goff this morning told Radio NZ that he showed the document to nobody except Labour Leader Andrew Little and Senior Whip Chris Hipkins.

          Asked whether he told reporters, he said: “I gave an outline of some relevant points that I said that this cleared my integrity in the matter”.

          “What I did was perfectly appropriate, if the journalists decided to run information given to them in confidence then you should raise it with your colleagues,” he told Morning Report’s Guyon Espiner.

          Ms Gwyn said early disclosure of some of the report’s findings was “grossly unfair to others”.

          “Some of the coverage was not accurate and I’m sure the irony of that in this context is not lost on you.”

          Prime Minister John Key said Mr Goff had released details of the report early “to put his spin on it”.

          “I just find it deeply ironic that in a report that was based around whether information was passed, in itself is now leaked by the person who was asking for it.”

          Of course, that won’t be enough evidence for you though. Even though you’re quite happy to hang off conspiracies about 9/11 and micro nukes, it still won’t be enough.

          Goff is as slippery with the truth as Winston Peters.

          • “Of course, that won’t be enough evidence for you though.”

            Or any reasonable reader. So you’ve no objections to the slander tag, then?

          • Mike C

             /  27th November 2014

            Travis. I agree with some paragraphs in your comment. You appear to be a very passionate person. Just like me.

            However, I don’t understand how you can bring yourself to shoot a deer, or bash a fish on its head.

            I live in the country, Travis, but I will never get used to seeing a cow shot in the head by the mobile butcher, or the smell of the blood after wards.

            Not getting at you, Travis.

            Just trying to understand you.

            • Not sure you have the need to understand me, it’s clear to me we are polar opposites. It’s not about killing animals, it’s about respectfully and humanely providing ones self with food, and enjoying the outdoors at the same time.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  27th November 2014

      Which report was she asking about?

      • The one by Cheryl Gywn.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  27th November 2014

          How do we know? I listened to the tape on the radiolive site and like the transcript it gives no other clue as to which report she meant. Key has said he thought it was the Collins report. I haven’t seen any evidence that contradicts him. The SIS report was released in the morning and the Collins report in the mid afternoon. She asked about the report released “yesterday night”. The closest release to that was the Collins report. Slater and Key did not text about that report.

          • In this interview with Duncan Garner she describes the context as being Goff’s leaking of information from Cheryl Gwyn’s report.


            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  27th November 2014

              I listened to it. Full of sanctimony and innuendo with no more facts except a) there was no other context to identify which report and b) both reports were being discussed in the media scrum at the time. She resorts to complaining Key should have asked her which report if he was uncertain.

              Sorry lady, but it was your job to be specific if you wanted to set a trap for the Slater texts someone had fed you.

            • The context was a press conference where, in her words, “the PM was having a full sort of crack at Phil Goff”. Her questions to the PM were from that context. Also she mentions how Key “went off to correct himself”, which isn’t something he would have done if he had simply misunderstood which report she was referring to.

  2. Mike C

     /  27th November 2014

    J.Mutch annoys the crap out of me.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  27th November 2014

    This website technology is a pain. It doesn’t work on an iPad because the “reply” buttons don’t pop up for touch screens without mice.

    @Ugly, Key went off to correct what he had said in Parliament, not to her.

    • Yeah, I though that was obvious from the audio.

      What interests me is who would want to try to spin that into some some kind of innocent brain-fade.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  28th November 2014

        Who did? Key himself denied it was a brain fade. He said he misinterpreted it as a question about the Collins report.


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