The Standard diversion

Further to the last post The Standard is actively excluding discussion about the main point made by Scott Campbell on The Nation.

karol commented:

Missing the point. Diversion.

Spelling it out.

The post is about a smear against The Standard.


I was referring to a part of the ‘smear’ that was quoted in the post, but they want to exclude that part of the alleged smear from the discussion.

I then posted another comment and got this:

[deleted as being diversonary]

[lprent: The claim was made by Scott Campbell that posts attacking journalists were written. They were not. You are trying diversion. Do not comment on my post again or I will ban you from the site. ]

That’s more than a bit curious given in his post Prentice states:

Unlike Cameron Slater, who removes posts and even comments for politically or legally expedient reasons, we don’t remove comments or posts which have gone up on the site and passed initial moderation.

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  1. Sponge

     /  1st December 2014

    Well LPrent is a hypocrite and a liar so that would hardly be a surprise would it?

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  1st December 2014

    Why give the Standard oxygen? I’ve never heard of it writing anything worth reading and have no wish to bathe in its cesspit.

  3. FarmerPete

     /  1st December 2014

    Just had the chance to read through the comments at the Standard. I find it amusing that the denigratory terms Iprent uses to describe others (blowhard, lying prick etc, etc,) seem to me to be a pretty accurate self description!

  4. Brown

     /  1st December 2014

    I think you have missed the point a bit. If someone says “you did that” and I say “no I didn’t “the onus of proof goes back onto the person making the allegation. Our interest from a perspective of liking it or not doesn’t change that. From what I read of the Standard I tend to a view its, like most leftie stuff, not worth a look so haven’t.

  5. traveller

     /  1st December 2014

    Thestandard – the voice of the left and Whaleoil Beef Hooked – the voice of the right.

    You have to LOL don’t you. Do as we say and respond to our totalitarian line and you’re welcome. They’re peas in a pod those blogs. Sanitise and delete.

    • kiwi_guy

       /  2nd December 2014

      Yeah its the die hards on both sides screaming Fascists or Communists at each other. I agree with both of them, lol.


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