David Parker’s SFO allegations

Yesterday under Parliamentary privilege Labour MP David Parker made allegations about undermining the Serious Fraud Office.

Radio NZ reports Parker raises Hotchin, SFO allegations

Labour MP David Parker has used parliamentary privilege to call for a deeper investigation into allegations arising from Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics.

He also told Parliament he had been informed of unsubstantiated claims about businessman Mark Hotchin, and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) inquiry into the collapse of Hanover Finance.

Details in the book resulted in a government inquiry into whether the minister in charge of the SFO at the time, Judith Collins, was involved in a campaign to undermine the then head of the SFO, Adam Feeley.

Ms Collins resigned as a minister at the time but has since been cleared of any wrongdoing by the inquiry.

However, serious questions remained, Mr Parker said in the House today.

He told Parliament two people had approached him making serious allegations about Mark Hotchin and the SFO investigation into him.

Video of Parker’s speech:

General Debate (draft Hansard transcript)

Speech – Hon DAVID PARKER (Labour)

Hon DAVID PARKER (Labour): There remains much to be investigated arising from the Nicky Hager book. The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security showed last week the politicisation of the SIS by the head of the SIS and the Prime Minister’s own staff in his office.

What was written off by the Prime Minister as a left-wing conspiracy during the election was proven to be true: underhand tactics being used by the Prime Minister and the SIS. National was cynical enough on the day of the release of that report to drop two others including the report by Justice Chisholm into Judith Collins.

That report found that Judith Collins did not undermine the Serious Fraud Office. It found that there was no evidence in that regard. It did not inquire into whether Judith Collins had been improper in respect of Oravida —whether she had a personal conflict of interest there, a financial one.

It did not inquire into whether it was proper of her to pass information about public servants to Slater and it did not inquire as to whether the other allegations as to undermining the Serious Fraud Office were correct. Those matters were all outside the terms of reference.

The report did not exonerate Judith Collins in respect of those other matters and the report does not exonerate anyone else in respect of what may have been happening in respect of the undermining of the Serious Fraud Office.

What do we now know? We know that thousands of dollars were being paid every month via Carrick Graham to Mr Slater. Presumably thousands of dollars were also being paid to Carrick Graham himself.

What were both of them doing? Well, they were both undermining the Serious Fraud Office.

Who were they doing it for? We do not yet know who they were doing it for. It looks like they may have been doing it for Mr Hotchin .

Why would Mr Hotchin have been interested in doing that? Well, he was being investigated as to whether he should be charged with criminal offences following the half a billion dollars of losses suffered through Hanover Finance failing. He was being investigated at the time by the Serious Fraud Office.

I have had two people make worrying allegations to me. One is a former staff member of the Serious Fraud Office who told me that at the time that the Serious Fraud Office commenced its investigation a former adviser to Hotchin contacted this person and said:

“Hotchin plays a rough game. You watch out. He will use underhand tactics to undermine the Serious Fraud Office and their staff.”

The second allegation I have had made to me was that Mr Hotchin used underhand tactics to take out some of the potential witnesses against him in respect of his conduct by Hanover Finance.

I cannot name either of those sources and I cannot prove those allegations to be true. They are both hearsay allegations to me but these allegations must be investigated.

We have seen in respect of the SIS matters that there was fire behind the smoke and in respect of these allegations we know that thousands of dollars were presumably being paid by Hotchin to Carrick Graham and Slater and Cathy Odgers in respect of their efforts to undermine the Serious Fraud Office.

What we do not know is whether those actions were criminal and whether there was a criminal conspiracy. I made a complaint to the police over 2 months ago in respect of that. The only information I have had back other than to inquire whether I had more evidence was a line in the Chisholm report to say that the allegations in respect of Judith Collins were not being looked to any further, but it looks like no further actions are being inquired into.

These are serious allegations. They must be looked seriously at by the authorities. We have seen the politicisation of the SIS.

We must make sure that the police have not been politicised. They were happy enough to inquire into the teapot tapes, to cooperate with the Prime Minister to deem Mr Ambrose guilty despite the fact that he had two arguable defences, and yet we do not have the police looking at these most serious allegations as to whether the other allegations in the Hager book are true.

Indeed, Mr Hager—and if it were not for his efforts none of the SIS stuff would have come out and none of this other stuff would have been investigated—is the one who is being raided. He is the one who has suffered search warrants and yet neither Mr Slater, Ms Odgers, Mr Hotchin, nor the others like Carrick Graham seem to have been investigated by the police, and I do not think that is good enough.


  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  4th December 2014

    “The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security showed last week the politicisation of the SIS by the head of the SIS and the Prime Minister’s own staff in his office.”

    Rubbish. The report showed no such thing. It showed Tucker was pissed off at Goff’s accusation he hadn’t been briefed and made some misjudgements in consequence.

    • “It showed Tucker was pissed off at Goff’s accusation he hadn’t been briefed and made some misjudgements in consequence.”

      It didn’t show that, you’re reading too much into it. Would Tucker really say that he was between a rock and a hard place if all he was worried about was his public image?

  2. fappityfoo@xtra.co.nz

     /  4th December 2014

    More concerning is the politician David Parkers goat bothering antics !

  3. Ian McKinnon

     /  4th December 2014

    UT: You are a real Labour apologist aren’t you. Don’t you realise Labour were shown what they are worth by decent people in the recent election. Parker is lower than a snake’s guts and has the guts of a whitebait.

    • IMO Labour has shown itself to be weak and unprincipled by supporting warrantless state spying. Little has about as much credibility as Key on security issues, i.e. zero.

      It wasn’t just the people in the Eastblock countries who suffered and died as a result of their governments spying on them. In fact the American revolution started because King George issued what was called general warrants (now called warrantless searches) so his bullies sheriffs could raid houses from people they didn’t like or who spoke out against him and in fact gave them almost limitless power to interfere with other peoples lives whether they had committed crimes or not.


  4. Goldie

     /  4th December 2014

    David Parker: “I cannot name either of those sources and I cannot prove those allegations to be true. They are both hearsay allegations”

    Still, David Parker goes on to a lot of conspiracy theories about “a criminal conspiracy”, “politicisation of the SIS” (despite a report finding the contrary), and a bizarro claim that “We must make sure that the police have not been politicised.”

    And this nutcase headed Labour’s polucy committee, drafted much of their policy, and could have been Minister of Finance.

  5. Vigilance requires considering conspiracy theories every now any then, rather than running on faith in the incorruptible nature of the state.

    • While you are at it, Ugly Truth, why don’t you regale us with your conspiracy theories on fluoridation, vaccination, Zionism, the disappearance of flight MH70, who was behind 9/11…..

      • Because unless you’re aware of the the facts that support each case it sounds too unbelievable to be true.

  6. Ian McKinnon

     /  4th December 2014

    UT: Are you running on a full tank of gas? I think not!

    • When you can guess my position without getting it completely wrong you will be in a much better position to offer opinions about my sanity.

  7. Mike C

     /  4th December 2014

    LOL. The two of you are starting to sound like an old married couple. You are polar opposites in your political views, and yet you are both so much alike.

    I hereby dub thee:- “The McUgly Twins” 🙂