How not to end your year

David Parker hasn’t had a good year.


The Labour policies he contributed significantly to helped lose Labour the election. He then contested and lost the Labour leadership, and looked like that whacked him hard.

Today in the last day of Parliament of the year Parker was the last to try and score a hit for Labour in Question time. It was as successful as his policies and leadership bid.

He seems dispirited and will probably be seriously contemplating his future over the Christmas break.

InTheHouse has somehow stuffed up their last two transcripts for the year, this one is not there. Probably just as well not to be on the record.

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  1. Sponge

     /  10th December 2014

    Christ that was a feeble effort. He imagined himself as a Prime Minister? Really?

  2. David Parker was a useless politician.

  3. David

     /  10th December 2014

    Always amuses me how the public thinks he and his policies are useless but the press gallery thinks he is brilliant. Pop on a pair of glasses and use academic type languages and the dumb arses that populate the press gallery mistake you for Einstein.

    • Sponge

       /  10th December 2014

      I am to public speaking what hippos are to ballet but, by god, I could have asked that better than Parker if I was drunk. What an embarrassment.

  4. Ian McKinnon

     /  11th December 2014

    I wonder whose wife Parker will run off with this Christmas? I assume he is looking for another infirm husband, he wouldn’t have the guts to openly confront a fit person.


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