Bloggers “not a big part” of Key’s day

Speaking on TV1’s Breakfast this morning John Key said that Bloggers ‘not big part of my day’.

Prime Minister John Key says bloggers are not a “big part of his day” but he lives in a world where he can’t ignore them.

Speaking on TVNZ‘s Breakfast programme today, Mr Key said the “ugly” tone of the 2014 general election campaign was the low point of his year.

“It was all kind of hate stuff…the whole thing was just awful.”

Nick Hager’s Dirty Politics book, which covered issues including collusion between Mr Key’s former staffer Jason Ede and right-wing bloggers, was a talking point during the campaign.

This morning, the Prime Minister said he no longer responded to texts from blogger Cameron Slater.

“I don’t have a terribly great relationship with the guy now. I don’t text him if he texts me,” Mr Key said.

“Even if I deleted his phone off the system it wouldn’t stop him sending me a text. He knows my number. A lot of people do,” Mr Key said. “I’m on my fourth mobile phone number as Prime Minister. And mark my words, you’d be amazed who gets my number.”

From what Slater posts at Whale Oil “don’t have a terribly great relationship with the guy now” seems to be reciprocated.

Key has previously said he keeps an eye on several right and left leaning blogs.

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  1. Sponge

     /  15th December 2014

    From what is being posted at WhaleOil recently I suspect that many sources have dried up for him. That is a shame as it used to be a great blog with good content. Now it just seems to be posts about trivial issues and promises about the downfall of opponents that never seem to eventuate.

  2. Mike C

     /  15th December 2014

    Slater is no longer trusted, Sponge.

    He didn’t bother to protect his sources, by transferring his email information over to an off-line memory hard-drive.

    More than 5 years of Zombie Lands data was able to be accessed by the hackers.

    Belt and Poulson and Slater are fools.


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