Transcript – Key on media, dirty politics and bloggers

Transcript of part of an interview with John Key on TV One Breakfast this morning on media, dirty politics and his relationship bloggers, especially with Cameron Slater.

But at the same time, you know, your your guys, your lot, your team did bring some of it on yourselves didn’t you, I mean you know the, the, I mean you had to sort of apologise at the end of the day over communications with Cameron Slater, so although the effigy burning and the so called hate stuff was almost a side show there was something which actually you guys have to take responsibility for.

John Key: Well we never denied that we have um communications with a wide range of people, and the media landscape’s changing, so you know what I think some people do get confused with is they say well they can understand the mainstream media, um but they find it a bit odd with bloggers.

And and there’s a sort of a perception out there that somehow Cameron Slater is in a group of his own. You know the left have bloggers which are just as aggressive as Cameron Slater.

So you’re still communicating with Cameron Slater?

John Key: Well I haven’t in in recent times, but but the point is that if you look at it he’s not a big part of my day and bloggers are not a big part of my day, but what is true is that the landscape changes.

And just like if you look at your news, every night on your news you always say and you do on your Breakfast show all the time, go to our website, you know dub dub dub  dot tvnz dot co dot nz.

Do we?

John Key: I’m doing it really well. I guess why you do that is your producers tell you to do that because you’ve got a massive audience and they want you to promote your site.

So all I’m saying to you is I live in a world where I can’t ignore that. A lot of stuff goes through blogs and sites and and politics is an aggressive business, so what ultimately happens is most of the time we’re defending.

I mean I know the Labour Party  want to act is if they’re a bunch of choir boys, but these are the people who sent their president to Australia to investigate me, hired private investigators.

They’ve done every rotten trick in the book and most of the time all we’re trying to do is make sure we defend ourselves against these baseless attacks.

So it’s the nature of politics and I don’t complain about it but it is reality, and for Nicky Hager to get up there and say it’s the National Party and everybody else ah you know great little, you know great little people and they don’t do anything wrong well sorry but it’s not reality.

With the Cameron Slater issue though I mean this sort of came back to the surface even just a few weeks ago, we were talking about it, and a lot of people as a result of that interview said they just don’t understand why you don’t cut him off completely. 

John Key: Well I don’t have a terribly pro-active relationship with the guy now. I mean I don’t, you know don’t text him. If he texts me then you know I’ve responded to him on a few occasions.

Um but look in the end as I’ve said he’s never been a big part of my world. Yeah I could I could stop but I mean I even if I deleted his phone off the system it wouldn’t stop him sending me texts, he knows my number.

And lots of people do. And you might sit there and say well ok you could just change your phone number again. I’m on my fourth mobile phone number  as Prime Minister so and mark my words you would be amazed who gets my number, it’s just out there and people share it.

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  1. Mike C

     /  15th December 2014

    Your blog isn’t right or left, Pee-Gee 🙂 That’s a bit of a bugger for you. LOL.


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