ODT: Time for compassion

From ODT’s editorial Time for compassion

Attacking a section of society because of the actions of one person is wrong.

To do so threatens the very fabric of the values New Zealanders hold dear, too.

Innocent people died in Martin Pl.

Their families, friends, workmates – and many others, too – will be left grieving for months and years to come.

This event saw tragically lives cut short by the actions of one person. Generating hate is not a fitting memorial to their deaths.

Providing support and compassion in times of need would, however, give their shortened lives meaning.

Less hate, more compassion. Important, especially at times like this.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  17th December 2014

    LOL, multiculturalists trying to put out the fire.

    “actions of one person” phrase that keeps getting parroted in the media gives the game away. Because it isn’t just one individual that’s a problem. Plenty of Islamists in Aussie thanks to rampant white ethnic cleansing via immigration policy.

    • Muslims who abuse girls like that are hypocrites. But having said that, Christianity is well represented in the abuse of children, the most extreme case being the Canadian genocide of native children in Christian residential schools, with an estimated 50000 dead over period of roughly 100 years.

      • kiwi_guy

         /  17th December 2014

        You are missing the point, authorities in Britain did not investigate because they did not want to appear “racist” or “culturally insensitive”. That is what Cultural Marxism is doing to Western democracies – white men are the “class enemy”.

        Also funny all you can do is dredge up some historical event from yester-century to try and smear Christianity as compared to what is happening now in Britain.

        Also go educate yourself about what happens to ethnic non muslim minorities in Muslim countries – makes anything you come up with look like child’s play.

        • Calling it Cultural Marxism avoids the fundamental underlying issue, the difference in the values of Islam compared to the values of Christianity or the secular state. The historical event I mentioned involves some pretty gruesome material, and is part of an ongoing pattern of child abuse within the Catholic Church. It’s important to consider both sides when you’re looking at the issue of religious prejudice.

  2. ISIS is a section of society???


    How come their rights to safety outweigh citizens rights???

    • They don’t. The west has used Islamists as proxy terrorists for decades, creating or aggravating a threat to sell to their citizens in order to gain more power.

      To paraphrase Edmonds: though the collusion with radical Islam had been going on for decades, it wasn’t until 1996 that a formal decision was made by NATO to abandon their previous secret relationship with neo-Fascists and arch-Nationalists and replace them with Islamists.


  3. What about the current world wide white genocide???


    How about that for some ugly truth

  4. Ignorance is bliss

  5. Thought you didn’t do videos. White people can suffer racism too. It is an ugly truth but there it is. How bout that for a start. I am sick of ignorant people and the media prancing around on their moral high horses waving the big R word around, ready to tar and feather people who disagree with their point of view!!! If you can stomach all those videos and reports and not be moved (or learn something they don’t teach at PC school) then I don’t know what to say.

    Second thoughts

    White people don’t deserve this for what happened a hundred years ago. Or for what an out-of-control political elite drunk on power with a sick agenda[21] have done without consultation

  6. Mike C

     /  17th December 2014

    Awww, r2d2intensecommenter and Ugly 🙂
    You two are making me miss Travis. LOL.

  7. Brown

     /  17th December 2014

    It is appropriate to attack a section of the community that supports the one. That section is Muslim. We will stop the nonsense when they are frightened of the consequences when they misbehave.

    • That section isn’t ‘Muslim’. It’s a small minority of Muslims.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  17th December 2014

      The problem with your own fanaticism is that you want actions that will frighten Muslims who are not misbehaving and loathe the terrorists as much or more than you do.

    • So, Brown, according to your reasoning it is appropriate to attack all NZ taxpayers for their role in supporting US terrorism due to NZ support of the US military?

  8. Brown

     /  18th December 2014

    I’m not saying attack anyone but we need to take a stand on principle against bad behaviour by a political segment that want to bring about the demise of our traditions and values. Taxpayers in NZ are not volunteering to support the US but the Muslim ideology justifies their behaviour because their book, which cannot be questioned, says its OK. Ugly will trot out the bible and as being the same but that is just childish rubbish. One develops from the ugliness of cultural barbarism to enlightenment and compassion while the other is the opposite. The problem with Islam is its fundamentals and if you encourage it you will regret it. The Japanese don’t have a problem with Islam – maybe we should do what they do.


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