Politics not popular

It’s well known that politics isn’t a popular topic with the general population. This is demonstrated by the Top Kiwi Google searches of 2014 (Stuff).

Overall top New Zealand Google searches:

1. Fifa World Cup

2. Robin Williams

3. Commonwealth Games

4. Malaysia Airlines

5. iPhone 6

6. Jennifer Lawrence

7. Charlotte Dawson

8. Flappy Bird

9. Spark

10. Ebola

Top news item searches:

1. Malaysian Airlines crash

2. Cyclone Lusi

3. Scottish Independence

4. Alex from Target

5. Ukraine news

6. Robin Williams’ death

7. Ebola outbreak

8. Wellington earthquake

9. Cyclone Ita

10. Lunar eclipse

Top Kiwis searched:

1. Lorde

2. Aaron Smith

3. Rachel Smalley

4. Lisa Lewis

5. Mark Hunt

6. Joseph Parker

7. Benji Marshall

8. Chris Cairns

9. Mona Dotcom

10. Stephen Donald

No John Key. No Kim Dotcom. No David Cunliffe. No Judith Collins. No election. No dirty politics or Nicky Hager. No Whale Oil or Cameron Slater.

Winston Peters can only play a very narrow part of the media.

And no, Spark is not Bill English and Flappy Bird is not Metiria Turei

The closest to politics is Rachel Smalley who sometimes comments on politics, but it’s probably not politics that has made her an attractive search subject on Google.

Relative to general news, sport and celebrity puff politics is not very popular.

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  1. Phil Wild

     /  18th December 2014

    It is quite funny really, all the self importance of all the politically based blogs and the chest beating inflated egos of contributors and commenters – all the self important wailing of the Beltway print, radio and TV media and most of New Zealand do not actually give a toss. What’s Lorde doing, who’s winning the world Cup – now that is what is really important.

  2. kiwi_guy

     /  18th December 2014

    Should internet search engines and social media be used as an indicator of the “general population”? Or is more a reflection of the brain farts of youtube cat videos and narcissistic selfies, celebrity worshipping, fame obsessed, twitbook muppets?

  3. Mike C

     /  18th December 2014

    LOL. This post has made my day 🙂

  4. Seems that it’s only the internet savvy kiwis that aren’t interested in politics. Maybe it’s different for the luddites. 😉

  5. Methinks politics to many is, election time only………

  6. PS then again about a third of adult kiwis… don’t even think that !

    • kiwi_guy

       /  18th December 2014

      Yet my experience is most people definitely have strong opinions on everything from taxes, education, welfare, immigration. Usually completely one eyed of course, but still they have strong political opinions.


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