Response to ‘felix’, on torture

Fairly predictably I was mobbed attacked after posting at The Standard yesterday. One of the more devious and bitter regulars,felix, posted a comment that I seem to be unable to respond to, my attempts to reply disappear (normally you’re notified if “In moderation”).

So in the meantime this is my response to felix’s “quick factcheck on what Pete posts elsewhere” trivialisation of torture.

felix’s “quick factcheck” is misrepresentation. Take:

“One is a repost of a video from Fox News about CIA torture, no obvious stance is taken by Pete except to say that the interview is “illuminating” and “sobering”.”

Highlighting an interview on “CIA torture” should give a wee indication of my stance. I gave a brief summary of points including “very distressing”, “waterboarding didn’t work”, “told to do what was necessary”.

I added this quote:
The committee’s report showed that CIA and private medical professionals were centrally involved in the program, and that they “violated numerous international treaties, laws and ethical codes,” said the Physicians for Human Rights analysis.

Leading roles were played by two private psychologists, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, who developed and administered the harsh techniques and formed a private company <strong>to which the CIA paid US$81 million (NZ$104m)</strong>
James Mitchell was the person who tried to defend his torture in the interview.

To which I said “Torturers are paid well in the US.” and “Remember Abu Ghraib?” with a picture of a bound prisoner being attacked by a dog.

felix chooses to trivialise torture by the US but I saw the interview as important enough to share so people could see a torturer making excuses for himself and the CIA, who Mitchell thinks should be trusted to do what is necessary and politicians should mind their own business.

I haven’t seen a post on this torture here. Make up your own mind what you think of the interview with a torturer trying to defend the CIA interrogation program he played a significant role in establishing and executing and along with his partner was paid  US$81 million for his efforts.

The title of the post should be an obvious indication of my stance – A US torturer interviewed.

But this is trivial to felix, it seems more important for him to use tortured facts, favouring ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ at The Standard.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  19th December 2014

    The “reply” link on posts disappearing now and then is something I’ve experienced a lot on various blogs, here on this site once so far.

    Felix is a Social Justice Warrior channeling Stalin, so no surprise she is doing a hit job on you.

  2. Felix is a Femi-Nasty.

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  19th December 2014

    Torture is bad enough when it’s done for what someone sees as security reasons, but the idea of being paid for devising it is beyond shocking. What a way to earn a living-how could you live with yourself ?

    The Abu Ghraib images that I remember are the man on the box (he probably knew that he wasn’t going to be electrocuted, but who would be willing to put it to the test ? Not me) and that harpy who thought herself so clever and funny, grinning at the camera.

  4. Kittycatkin

     /  19th December 2014

    How do people train to be torture experts-and WHERE ? It’s too horrible to even contemplate being that kind of person. Do they advertise their services or do people advertise for them ? What do they tell people that they do for a living ? They’d be ostracised if they told the truth, surely.

  5. “* One is a repost of a stuff article featured on kiwiblog about google searches.”

    I like how to see felix didn’t mentioning anything that might put their relevance in doubt.


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