Tiso versus senior political journalists

In Tending Fascist Giovanni Tiso blasted Patrick Gower and Jane Clifton for not investigating “the scandal of their careers” (yeah, right) – dirty politics.

As senior political journalists who failed to uncover the scandal of their careers, Gower and Clifton may have a vested professional interest in arguing that it wasn’t in fact a real scandal, or that it wasn’t worth uncovering if one couldn’t also uncover what the Left has undoubtedly been doing.

But theirs is also part of the continuing and increasingly brazen attempt to normalise dirty politics, which is also the overt significance of the hiring of Collins (and the reason why Phil Goff provides no balance – although to be fair Goff would struggle to drag leftward a panel with Tomás de Torquemada).

There is no role of the media establishment to re-examine, no collective conscience to interrogate: just old prerogatives to re-establish and a fragile status quo to defend.

Putting the harsh criticisms aside, I would be appalled if senior journalists like Gower and Clifton used illegal hacking as a means of investigating stories.

Tiso campaigns very strongly against legal and court approved surveillance.

But he blasts journalists for not doing the job a hacker and associates did.

So he’s against legal surveillance but supports illegal hacking.

This looks like a continuing and increasingly brazen attempt to normalise dirty politics, as long as it’s the ones he agrees with doing the dirty digging.

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  1. johnnytheshu

     /  19th December 2014

    Please pardon my language but Tiso is, quite simply, a fucking hypocrite.

  2. Sponge

     /  19th December 2014


  3. Mike C

     /  19th December 2014

    You sprung yourself Spongie. LOL.

    • johnnytheshu

       /  19th December 2014

      I now have some sympathy for your split personality of a few months ago. Quite how a login that I have not used for years manages to long in for me escapes me.

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  19th December 2014

    Tiso and Gower at least deserve each other. Surely we can find them a brace of pistols?

  5. Mike C

     /  19th December 2014

    @Sponge and JohnnytheShu and TravDog and MonkeyMan and BlubberBoy 🙂

    Well and truely buggered ya’self. LOL.

  6. Mike C

     /  19th December 2014

    Been a while since I have spoken to you.
    How are you Belt 🙂

  7. Sponge

     /  19th December 2014

    Are you saying I am Travis Poulson, Pete Belt and WhaleOil?


  8. Who is Giovanni Tizo? And why does his opinion matter?

    • Budgieboy

       /  20th December 2014

      In asking the question Goldie you pretty much revel the answer.

      And no, his opinion doesn’t matter!

  9. Mike C

     /  19th December 2014

    @Spongie etcetera 🙂

    I honestly don’t know which one of you is the real person. However, if I had to take an educated and intelligent guess, I would not choose the one named “sponge”.

    I looked up what “sponge” actually means, in the dictionaries, a week or so ago.

    None of what I read, surprised me.

  10. kiwi_guy

     /  19th December 2014

    Tiso is a pretentious fool pretending he has intellectual gravitas, regurgitating outmoded Marxist Gramscian rhetoric.

    “Tending Stalinist” is a good description of his ideological outlook

  11. Mike C

     /  19th December 2014


    I am now happy to give my affirmation that you are one of Slaters many pseudonyms.

    Merry Christmas Cameron 🙂


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