Open Forum – Sunday

21 December 2014

This is open to anyone with any topic. It’s a mostly political blog but not limited to that, and views from anywhere on the political spectrum are welcome.

Some basic ground rules:

If possible support arguments, news, points or opinions with links to sources and facts.
Please don’t post anything illegal, potentially defamatory or abusive.
Debate hard if you like but respect people’s right to have varying views and to not be personally be attacked.
Don’t say to a stranger online anything you wouldn’t say to their face.

Moderation will be minimal if these guidelines are followed. Should they ever be necessary any moderator edits, deletes or bans will be clearly and openly advised.

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  1. Ian McKinnon

     /  21st December 2014

    The left have their filthy little activists on the go against Mike Sabin for assault, led this morning by Lomas, an old socialist from way back, scribing in a Fairfax rag. If Mike has whacked someone, they would have looked for it, and time these left-wing disruptions were put to rest. The courts are full of socialist apologist judges, appointed by the Clark government, one only needing to look at the background of the loser that convicted Banks. The left scum play percentage games, and if they get a sympathetic incompetent judge to convict one out twenty, at great expense to taxpayers, they take it as a win.

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  21st December 2014

    It’s probably some whiskery old non-story. If it was serious, he’d have been charged. How any judge could find Krim Fatcon more credible than John Banks is beyond me-even then, he was known as a fraudster. That was appalling. John Banks is not my favourite person, but he seems to be so straight that he’d make a hoohah about the slightest thing that wasn’t exactly right.

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  21st December 2014

    How do I give myself a nice little piccy instead of the little pattern ?


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