Semi-support of Brent Bachop #1

While Dunedin City Council seems to want to bury and forget the Cityfleecing saga laying all the blame of Brent Bachop there are wider questions being asked at What if? Dunedin…

A comment from Steve Lewis:

What can one say about Brent? He was a pretty simple guy who took over a job where his predecessors had been on the take for years. There is no excuse for what he did and the hundreds who attended his funeral, who loved him, or in my case were his friends have had trouble coming to terms with what has happened.

The idea that Brent did all this alone is quite ridiculous, those who turned a blind eye, who knew the price they were paying could not be right but bought the car anyway.

The dealers who must have known they were paying well under market value, staff at the DCC who must have known things were not as they should be but chose to ignore the signs.

Brent’s family have been to hell and back, they are the victims here, they are the ones who cannot escape what for them is an ongoing nightmare.

Most of his wider family are probably innocent of any wrong-doing and Bachop’s death and the revelations of his alleged fraud will be tough on them. And especially on his children who are blameless.

The Brent I knew was a kind and generous person who I wish had chosen to face his punishment, he would have been supported, he would have ultimately been forgiven and moved forward with his life.

Some may have forgiven him, many would have found that difficult given the extent of the fraud and the length of time it was done for. But it’s sad he chose not to face up to it.

He was not in this alone, he was not some criminal Mastermind. He was a guy who got himself into something he could no longer control. For the DCC to now conveniently use him as a scapegoat speaks volumes about their integrity and morality.

The inquiry has been inadequate and has failed to rigorously investigate others who must have been involved, who must have understood the prices they were paying did not reflect proper market value.

Getting a bargain at the expense of ratepayers seems to have been a cultural problem.

To those who wrote cheques made out to Brent Bachop and not the DCC, or those who just handed over cash.

The Deloitte report that happened from Council staff and from car dealers who should have all known better.

There will be many still having sleepless nights, many who must know they are standing by hoping a dead man will carry the can for them and no more questions will be asked. I wonder how long it will be before someone finally breaks their silence and spills the beans on the whole tragic and sorry episode.

I think too many people have been to some degree involved or will have known things weren’t right for more of the story not to get out.

Now people see the Council led by mayor Dave Cull trying to bury and forget some will want more of the truth to be made public.

I don’t think there’s much doubt that Bachop made serious mistakes over at least a decade.

But to be fair to him and to the ratepayers he shouldn’t cop all the blame.

Bachop chose not to face the music but the Dunedin City Council seems to be trying to heap all blame on the conductor and bury the orchestra with him.

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  1. Mike C

     /  28th December 2014

    It is great that you are drawing attention to this sad sorry Dunedin debacle, Pee-Gee, because otherwise we wouldn’t get the full story. Plus, with you being a Dunedin rate payer, you have got some skin in the game, and an incentive to lift the lid on this issue, and find out what is really going on inside this Pandoras Box.

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