Trying to turn dirt into dirty money

This the first dumb post of the year (that I’ve seen, not written).

SB has posted at Whale Oil: Dirty Politics advertising opportunities

Here at Whaleoil we are very big on turning lemons into lemonade. Dirty politics is now a well known brand so I have turned my devious mind towards how best to turn it to advertisers advantage.

Turning a lemon into lemonade is quite a bit different to trying to turn dirt into dirty money.

First up any products that get dirty would benefit from the Dirty Politics brand or any products that clean up dirt. Not that I can imagine Cameron promoting a vacuum cleaner but maybe if it was a Dyson.

I personally want a hot tub for outside so think that Cameron would be the perfect spokesperson for a hot tub company. He not only lands in hot water regularly, he revels in it. Cut to Cam relaxing in a steaming hot tub looking very pleased with himself while texting the Prime Minister or being interviewed by a harried looking MSM reporter.

Promoting dirty politics as a selling point and trying to make money from it through advertising seems like a dumb idea to me.

Please put your suggestions in the comments below for other ad campaigns. I think we should milk Dirty Politics and turn the smear into a commercial success for both the products and Whaleoil.

My suggestion is don’t flog a dirty dead horse.

The Slaters want to roll in it (dirt and money) but I don’t think it’s a great way to win friends and influence people.

Dirty politics was prominent and dominant last year. I expect most politicians will want to be seen to be on a cleaner side in 2015.

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  1. Mike C

     /  1st January 2015

    Spanish Bride has had to endure so much crap from Slater over the years. Having to sell her home to pay for his court costs for all of the name suppression hearings, and Slater having an affair with some Slut-Bag Nut-Bar.

    But she chose to continue to lie in Slaters bed, after he has clearly shown her time and time again, that he has absolutely no respect for her. So I have no sympathy for the stupid woman.

  2. -D

     /  2nd January 2015

    I have been casting around for fresh pejoratives for use in the blogs. “Scumbag” is so over-used it has lost its impact. “Slut-Bag Nut-Bar” is good. Even if not entirely intuitive it has an clear emotive ring to it.

    Thanks Mike.

    • Mike C

       /  2nd January 2015

      You’re most welcome, MinusDee 🙂

      • -D

         /  2nd January 2015

        Your SBNB euphemism is, I gather, itself judicious name suppression. Perhaps something from way back before I began following blogs. (The term could apply to so many people I can think of.) But it’s not something I really need to know.

        [More in response to the original thread] I too cringed a bit at SB’s advertising pitch even if it was tongue in cheek. Their blog is looking more and more like it’s being run by committee but how to exercise editorial control over one’s own wife is anyone’s guess. I actually very much want to see them succeed…and often wish Cam would use the royal “I” a little less and “we” a bit more… but developing their brand for regular (and presumably paying) readership is going to be a trick worth watching and waiting for.

        I’m still hopeful and optimistic.


  3. Mike C

     /  2nd January 2015

    @MinusDee. My personal perspective of Slater and Belt and Poulson is clearly very different to yours. LOL.

    They treated hundreds of us like shit, so I don’t have time for them any longer. I do not care if Slater succeeds or fails. Slaters just a sleazy money grabbing con-artist.

    • -D

       /  3rd January 2015

      Yes, I know. I think we’ve had more or less this same conversation once before.

      I too was banned for innocent questioning. Many like yourself have decamped for quite valid reason. But there is a right-leaning opinion/information gap that would be nice to have reliably and regularly filled by thoughtful contributors. Whether they can fill that gap adequately remains to be seen. If they can I will chip in. For now I cancelled my monthly donation.

      As I say, it will be interesting to watch and see.


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