The phone age

Christmas dinner:

PhoneAge2Celebrating the New Year:


Going on holiday:


Holiday at the beach:


Phone age relationships:




Evolution needs an update, this is so last century:

EvolutionFound one:


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  1. Kittycatkin

     /  2nd January 2015

    I can never believe it when people really do sit absorbed in their phones when they’re out together-how rude ! I was at a Met Live opera recently where twp women were far more interested in their phones ? tablets ? devices with big screens, anyway. They scrolled and texted and laughed and showed their devices to each other, lighting up the theatre as they did so. They eventually turned them off when their neighbour asked/told them to, only to begin again-this time the request was more forceful and we all heard it ! The tickets are $33; why spend that money to sit doing something that they could do outside for nothing ?

    I was at a funeral where someone not only answered their phone, they had a conversation !

  2. Phil Wild

     /  2nd January 2015

    Often as I drive around it appears that it is a majority of female that are walking around texting. It also appears that it is a majority of male who are talking on cell phones when driving.

  3. Mike C

     /  2nd January 2015

    People who need to look at their mobiles during dinner with family or friends, are extremely ill-mannered and anti-social.

  4. A few days ago, I was walking down the main street, and a woman was walking towards me. Her eyes were completely glued to her mobile phone, and then she smiled at her screen. It made me feel sad that so many people smile more at their phones, than they do at people. Real life interaction between human beings seems to be a dying art 😦

  5. ‘The Matrix has you !’

    I went to dinner with a family member (& her family) recently.. after eating, we sat down to watch a movie on her big screen TV.. BUT the two teens in the room sat gazing into the glow of their tablets, (totally oblivious to all the others ?) :/


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