Slater does dirt on Andrew Little

Cameron Slater was never going to go easy on Andrew Little’s Labour leadership but he must see Little as a real threat because he is doing his dirty worst trying to discredit Little.

In two posts yesterday Slater has been very childish and petty, using a series of photos to crticise Little’s appearance. This is a continuation of a nasty line of attack which amounts to an attempt at character assassination.

So it is worth putting up a few images of Andrew Little and seeing whether he passes the blink test. Unfortunately for Little the camera has not been kind to him, and by the looks of things it will never be kind to him.

We will start with his own image from Gravatar, which lets him comment on blogs and include his image. Even with his end images he manages to come across as slight goofy or as if he has been punishing the press gallery wine, or someone has given him a toke of a particularly good coromandel special. This suggests he embraces his goofy or stoned or toasted look.

“Which lets him comment on blogs” is a nonsensical explanation, and his ‘criticisms’ are dirty attempts at smears.

The next image is one of him with a halo, from outside his house in Island Bay. For a left wing publication to publish a photo of Little looking like he is wearing a halo is particularly telling.

It doesn’t look anything like a halo to me.

The next image is from the Christmas lunch Little served…

Once again the allegedly left leaning press have chosen an image that maintains Little’s goofy or stoned or toasted look. This appears very deliberate as the photos of Little have been distorted to make him look even more goofy or stone or toasted than normal.

Claiming the media has deliberately distorted images of Little to make him look like he fits Slater’s meme.

The Listener photo above adds to this impression.

It is a photo of a desperately short man trying to appear tall but only serving to add to the goofy image.

Slater has obviously decided to try and attach ‘goofy’ with Little. And criticises his height.

And this is in the first post of the day on Little.

Earlier I posted the images that the media have run to make Andrew Little look goofy, stoned or toasted.

Again repeating he previous smearing.

There are also the ones who make him look like the union bully boy that he is. Small, angry, sneering and unlikeable.

And on to another theme that is a continuation of past criticisms. Again he sneers at Little’s height.

His performances in parliament are either lacklustre and boring or spittle flecked rants of invective.

”Lacklustre” and “boring or spittle flecked rants of invective” are rather ironic given Slater’s posts these days, demonstrated by these attack posts.

It is pretty hard not to come to the conclusion that Andrew Little is an angry man, predisposed to his anger by his diminutive height and union boss background.

Repeating himself with the same disparaging criticisms.

Dour, grim, nasty, and unlikeable…as well as the other side of the same coin that is Andrew Little, goofy, stoned or toasted.

And again referring back to his previous post.

These attacks are certainly not journalistic, they are petty and pathetic. And while they might play to his Whale Oil fan club the claims simply don’t measure up.

Despite repat references to his height Little doesn’t look short, as this phot prior to his leadership shows:

Little is the tallest person in the middle row. (And a person’s height is irrelevant anyway).

And Slater’s smears are contrary to the impression Little has given since becoming Labour’s leader – he has impressed a wide range of people. That’s presumably what Slater is trying to counter,

Slater is trying to make multiple smear stories out of nothing. His ‘criticisms’ are childishly petty and pathetic.

As well as trying to discredit Little Slater also continues to try and discredit the current media, and promises to offer something new and better through Freed.

If Freed launches with Slater in a prominent position they will start with a major credibility deficit. These sorts of dirty smear posts don’t help at all.

Slater is presumably hoping that if he keeps throwing dirt at Little some of it will stick. All it does is emphasises Slater’s dirty and severely diminished stature as a political commentator, and keeps reminding that a journalist he is not.

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  1. Ian McKinnon

     /  15th January 2015

    You have a real hang-up over Slater, not unlike Dotcom and the PM. One a winner, the other a loser.

    • Slater seems to have a real hang-up over Little but if he wants to play the big media man I’m sure he won’t mind being held to account.

      And you seem to have a real hang-up over me Ian.

      • kiwi_guy

         /  15th January 2015

        Post something about The Standard, you are “obsessed”, post something about Whale Oil, you have a “hang up”. You just can’t win in the political blogosphere, lol.

  2. artcroft

     /  15th January 2015

    Slater’s just being controversial and playing to his audience. Despite Cam’s claims Andrew Little has made a favourable impression in his first month in the role.

  3. And he sold the NZ people freedom for a fistful of dollars

    Some people might have the memory of a goldfish – mine is more like the elephants

  4. Of course the ‘hard-right’ will be attacking Little.. goes both ways.
    I just hope that the Labour party stick behind him & grow stronger..
    look out ‘team key’ 2017 a-comin’…

    • kiwi_guy

       /  15th January 2015

      I think he is promising, except he seems to pander to the Rainbow Coalition too much eg “rape culture” nonsense.

    • Mike C

       /  15th January 2015

      I do admire your optimism, Zedd 🙂
      But my feeling is “Yeah Nah” LOL.

  5. pdm

     /  15th January 2015

    Littlewas better than I expected him to be in the period from when he was elected until Christmas. His test will be to maintain that through 2015 and I think it is doubtful that he can given his lack of support within the Labour Caucus.

    hile Whaleoil is putting through the wringer at present his main enemies appear to sit beside and behind him in the house.

    • kiwi_guy

       /  15th January 2015

      Apparently he knocked heads together in the union and got them all marching in step, so maybe he can sort out caucus.

      • And caucus must surely now recognise that unless they work together to rebuild then Labour is pretty much stuffed. They’ve already trashed two terms and three leaders. They can’t afford a repeat.

  6. Mike C

     /  15th January 2015

    I am very willing and happy to bet $9 that Little Angry Andy won’t still be the Labour Leader by the time the 2017 Election rolls around, although my nine bucks is gonna be counting on Slater coming through on his promise that McCarten will go for a big skate as a result of the Police investigation into the hacking of his computers about a year or so ago 🙂

  7. Kittycatkin

     /  16th January 2015

    It did look like a halo to me, or like someone thinking it funny to take a photo looking like someone in a halo-it’s the one in front of an arch or something like that, isn’t it ?

    CS isn’t more successful, he’s just better-known, but not for reasons that I’d envy or that many other people would. Notoriety isn’t the same as fame. Dim Dotcon is notorious-but I wouldn’t want to be him, either. Maybe we could match them up & marry them to each other-and they’d leave together.

    CS will soon be fish and chip paper, not news.So will KD.


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