Right wing wishes and fantasies

A Whale Oil posts asks What is one thing about New Zealand you would love to fix, if you had the power to?

Featured Comment (‘steve and monique’):

Remove the treaty, and its collective trough industry.

LM Bach:

We could start with that traitor Finlayson, then turf out the rest of that ‘tribunal’ and see if they get jobs in the real world. What a scam!


Put all beneficiaries on contraception and drug test them weekly. Any drugs, no benefit.

You do realise maoris are not indigenous.

Amanda Atkinson

… also remove rednecks, [ MOD – redacted. please read our commenting rules or risk having your comments removed or account blocked. ] Get rid of Treaty Troughers, yes agreed. The treaty is not the problem. Whinging Maori AND rednecks are the problem. Most Maori, just want what was stolen to be given back, but do not use it an excuse to be destructive or useless citizens. Most Pakeha, want the the Treaty settled, so long as the money is going to filter down (again, yes get rid of the Treaty Gravy train and its troughers). Rednecks are no better than those whinging Maori who blame the white man for everything. Both are minorities. Both are part of the problem, and not not part of the solution. Both are given far too much air time.

[MOD – redacted personal attack ]

A discussion continues on treaty/Maori issues. Plus:


NZ, get shot of the treaty NOW, zero entitlements, nothing, no special funding for anything maori, just one set of rules, one equal set of Kiwi’s and all living together in a special corner of the world.

Sailor Sam:

Get rid of the “maori” seats in parliament, dismantle the “treaty” gravy train.
Any of the “part” maori who do not like this, go home to Hawaiiki.

More responses:


Send KDC home and stop Muslim immigration

Albert Lane:

Make the drinking age 20.

Re-instate the offence of drunkenness in a public place.

Institute severe penalties for assaulting police officers and for verbally abusing police officers in the course of their duty.

Odd Ball:

Sort out Auckland’s council structure & powers, in order to clip the wings of any present & future mayor,


I would like NZ to revoke the right for women to vote.
Its been down hill ever since they started.

If you get all emotional it scares you.
But if you think logically it makes sense.
It did for a few thousand years until the late 19th century and we never had a world war, let alone two of them


I would like people to have to sit an exam before they can vote. I sat the British Citizenship Exam and voted in the last election there. I want to see those that are level-headed and motivated deciding who runs our country, not the agenda-driven or conspiracy-driven.

One New Zealand, No Dickheads.


Ditch MMP


RMA, then a radical change in function. At the moment it is just a revenue gatherer and just stifles progress. protection to the environment is needed but the RMA in its current form just kills progress. Plus its used as a weapon by the greenies for their extreme agenda’s, eg, Miss C.Brown C/- Wellington Council


 ….the police almost certainly know who belongs to the gangs locally , so declare them criminal organisations , make it a crime to be in a gang , arrest them , get them off the streets and send them to White Island with no food and water…where they can happily ignore our societies laws and values all they like.


I would like to get rid of the central banksters, I’m sure the Fed in the USA has some influence on them. Not sure why we need a central bank run by crooks.


Reform the Local Government Act to stop councils running commercial businesses.GoingRight:


I would like to see the unions disappear.

Wallace Westland:

I’d like to see the end of the Super city..


Legally define Islam as an ideology of hate and then use that law to ban Muslim immigration. 
Use the law again to close mosques and Islamic schools and ban proselytising by Muslims.

No more Treaty payments and that includes the top-up rort that at least one iwi wangled out of the Crown.

Go back to a FPP electoral system.

Set up a “wasteful spending office” (since Audit NZ don’t seem to be monitoring that) and take the chainsaw to government and local government spending.

Ali Gates:

Introduce after 6 months of unemployment benefits work for the dole and ensure equal student benefits not getting paid a student allowance because you have a rich mommy or daddy is unfair

Huia (last one but a biggie):

I also would like to see an end to the Treaty issues, they have gone a long way in addressing most of them, but there are still a few to go. Get it over and done with, then NZ can move forward instead of dwelling continually in the past. Of course there are always those who will dwell in the past so the issues will never ever be totally resolved. The costs have cost us all dearly, this country is suffering because of something that happened mostly well before our time through trying to do the right thing.
I would like to see a halt on immigration for a few years, tighter border controls in place, if you cant abide by our laws then you are gone….no 5th and 6th chances, you have done it in your own nest and your citizenship has been revoked.
I would like to see beneficiaries made to earn their way in those jobs that migrants are being bought in for, the work is here, if they wont work…no benefit. If you have a second child whilst on a benefit then you are earning too much on that benefit if you can afford to breed.
I would like to see people being made responsible for their own children instead of the PC brigade stepping in and taking over the parents responsibility. How will these people get it through their heads that children are their responsibility if a do gooder is waiting in the wings to earn their place in heaven. Tough love…you are responsible for your own actions. That is how you learn. We live in a great place where the opportunity to eat very well is here, we can grow pretty much anything and can eat very healthy. There is no excuse not to, so the answer is laziness and the knowledge that someone else will put it right for you. Get off your bum and work.
I would like to see tougher sentencing where life meant life and you pay dearly for the crime you have committed, especially against children. I never want to see another murder trial controlled, manipulated and played out in the media by the likes of team Bain. The Bain trial was a complete travesty of justice and should never be allowed to happen like that again. Facts are facts, innuendo, gossip and hearsay have no place in a court room and should never have been allowed to be presented as facts…totally screwed the trial and cost the taxpayer dearly. The Justice system really does need an overhaul, especially when you get a lying, cheating, German criminal tie up the courts with his antics,(the cost is enormous), then to get an MP released from his position on a criminal’s and his paid retainer’s word alone…something very wrong there.
I am really tired of the left and media banging on so negatively when we live in such a great place, so would love to see them actually be positive, show some guts and get out from under the union umbrella, this would probably earn them more votes from everyone for a start. For God’s sake stop being so dammed negative, its draining on the mind.
I would definitely like to see MMP gone and the time wasting in Parliament reduced.
I am not happy with the movement onto the gravy train of local councils by the left wing, they are anti progress, negative, ineffective and not in the least business minded, so how can they run a council?….they cant ! as we have seen by Auckland’s pathetic example. These people cannot run business’s, so councils please stop dabbling in the business world, concentrate on running the council and only the councils, if you want to dabble in business then save up and purchase your own and stop misusing the ratepayers hard earned money.
I would like to see our defense force increased to cover the air again, and given the balls to act like they should act in defending our country, its waters and our laws. Again if you cant abide by our laws then you are gone, fair means or foul. We really need to take stock about this and recognize where the world is going at the moment, there is a move afoot which will hurt all of us, therefore we need some protection and the confidence our shores will be taken care of.
I think we need to stop importing useless crap from China, a stupid $1.50 toy which breaks as soon as you get it home leaves a huge carbon footprint, surely we can do better than this. Why this desperation for garbage?
Id like to see our education system improved, teachers paid what they are truly worth. Not all teachers…just the good ones doing a good job, which means we need to screen teachers and make sure they are well educated, dedicated enough to really want to teach our children, and not just fall into the job because it seems to be the easiest one around. Id like to see children’s education taking in the movement of money (international and domestic), in depth budgeting, property purchasing. Sex education hasn’t worked as the kids are still getting pregnant only in bigger numbers. They are active earlier too which is a worry. I think the schools should concentrate on sending better balanced, better educated in the ways of the world kid’s out into the world. No pregnant and illiterate as so many of them are now.
I would also like to see the sale of massive tracts of land in NZ to people living overseas be stopped. No good for us and no good for anyone except the overseas owner. The Chinese are buying up large land tracts in the food baskets of the world, do you think they will share with us if things get tight? I don’t have that confidence. You go to their country, try to buy a large tract of land, it wont happen. I believe we need to hang on to our land. Large tracts can surely be broken up into smaller tracts and farmed successfully for kiwi’s by kiwi’s.
Will get off the soap box now but thanks for the vent.

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