Standard sucked into Blomfield versus Slater dirt

Lyn Prentice posted on The Standard today:

Yesterday I got contacted about Cameron Slater’s current address. Apparently the arsehole of the kiwi blogosphere hasn’t been paying his court ordered judgements against him that have been incurred in recent years. The person who contacted me wanted to serve a notice to bankrupt him.

An image of the bankruptcy notice shows it is Matt Blomfield versus Cameron Slater. It was originally posted with both addresses but they have been redacted. There is ongoing court proceedings between the two. I don’t know if this is a reasonable course of action by Blomfield or a stunt or an attempt at harassment. I won’t take sides between Blomfield and Slater except perhaps the opposite side to both of them. It’s not unusual for them to be going hammer and tongs and both have records of playing dirty. What is unusual is that Prentice has allowed the Standard to play such a part. It’s not the first time, in a previous slanging match The Standard posted a statement from Blomfield. It would appear that this time Blomfield has gone to Prentice to set up this publicity. And Prentice has obliged boots and all. Commenters have suggested it may not be the wisest thing to do (my view too) but it’s been done.

Apparently this has to do with the long running Blomfield defamation case. It has to do with court ordered judgements unrelated to his Slater’s current rather forlorn appeals as he continues to waste the time of the courts. Both in the court of appeal on the defamation and the privacy court about accessing dubiously obtained (probably stolen) private information to write the Blomfield posts.

I’d be surprised if Prentice doesn’t know exactly what it’s about. He keeps saying he wouldn’t risk putting The Standard in legal jeopardy, His blog, his choice to get in the middle of Blomfield versus Slater. Prentice also gets stuck into a continuation of Prentice versus Slater.

Is the blogosphere going to shift from being a space where people can express their honestly held opinions within the legal constraints of society, or is it a place where the malicious can hire a liar to defame others? It is pretty obvious which side I am on in this debate. It is important that this debate is held within the legal systems rather than the kind of lynch mob justice you appear to favour.

That’s rather ironic considering the lynch mob mentality he actively nurtures and at times leads at The Standard.

But unlike you I look at what was in the claims that Slater was making about Blomfield and are subject to this defamation action. That is what Slater will eventually have to defend and to date he appears to be doing a piss-poor job on that. Trying to pull in claims and areas extrinsic to that are as unlikely to sway me as they would a court. We don’t allow deliberate campaigns of smearing on this site. That is why you have limits on what you can do. I don’t want to waste my time in court in the way that Cameron obviously likes doing.

The bolded bit is brazen bull. Prentice supports and encorouages smear campaigns on The Standard. Slater’s wife Juana posted a comment:

I realise your blind hatred of Cam prevents you from looking too closely at the hand that feeds you the info ( Matt ) but sorry to burst your bubble but he has neglected to tell you some pertinent facts. 1. The court costs are in a Trust account and will be released when the Appeal process is complete IF Matt wins. If he doesn’t Matt will owe Cam court costs. 2. Cam has the money but has no legal obligation to pay the money until the appeal has been completed and Matt knows this. 3. Matt is trying to serve papers as part of his ongoing campaign of harassment.Something I know you all enjoy as you are his mate but nevertheless harassment is what it is.

Prentice replied:

Hi Juana, I already answered Marty about the “hate” bit. But I will repeat it for your benefit. I think your guy is a irresponsible arsehole who brings the rest of the blogging communities into disrepute. I intensely dislike being tarred with the same label as him because there are very few of us who act like such a complete scumbag. Perhaps you should consider that before trying to smear me. I don’t “hate” him (never met him for that matter). I dislike his actions and how they reflect on me. I wish he would desist from doing posts like those he did about Blomfield and many others. I’m prepared to exert some effort to help that to happen

I agree that Slater “brings the rest of the blogging communities into disrepute” more than anyone else in New Zealand. But it’s very ironic to see Prentice worried about being tarred by bad behaviour, of those bloggers with significant influence I’d rate him  second to Slater on the arsehole scale – he brags about being an arsehole (as Slater does). He’s a distant second but he surely he’s not blind to how much his own blog being tarred by bad behaviour.

Everyone who isn’t interested in the likes of arsehole scumbags like Cameron Slater attacking them in public and getting paid for it should also be interested in it. Since that kind of arsehole behaviour happens to be what I am interested in not spreading across our local blogs, I keep reporting on aspects of this long running case.

I doubt anyone at The Standard gets paid for attacking people in public but it’s common and supported by Prentice. He leads by example. I wouldn’t call them arsehole scumbags but there’s a few regulars who’s primary role at the Standard appears as arsehole scumbag behaviour. And being a willing party to Blomfield’s bankruptcy action doesn’t look very flash either. Prentice seems to have decided to lower himself to closer to Slater’s level. Marty commented:

I realise the enemy of our enemy is The Standard’s friend, but I’d be terribly careful snuggling up to Blomfield. His portrayal as a random drive by shooting victim of Slater is going to end up in tears. The man is, at best, no better than blubberboy. As for publishing his home address on the Internet… wtf? I don’t know anything about money, but going for bankruptcy when there isn’t a clear indication that the person is indeed bankrupt and is instead stalling on paying a debt, isn’t that just being a total prick for the sake of being a prick? Anyway. Don’t let your hatred for Slater blind you to this man. He’s a P.O.S. himself, and you’re being used.


I know it will be against the rules to discuss it here, so I won’t, but Blomfield’s true nature and true involvement in things outside the law have so far been carefully suppressed by everyone who knows better, because it doesn’t suit the Slater-must-be-silenced campaign. ALL I am saying is for lprent and The Standard not to to be seen as part of Blomfield’s fan club. There will be a time when that’s going to have some unwanted blowback. The last thing I want is for The Standard to join Bradbury as a source of justified ridicule.

Blomfield versus Slater seems par for a dirty course. A Prentice versus Slater escalation is risking a lot for The Standard. I’d be surprised if turns out to be worth the short term feeling of gotcha. Marty again:

Well, I didn’t want to be helpful to Blomfield, as he’s at least as despicable as Slater, and they deserve each other, but how hard is it to find Slater’s current address? Seriously? Which makes me go back to my previous point – you are allowing yourself / the blog to be used by this guy, and two wrongs don’t make a right. If you think that “bankruptcy” will silence Slater, I need to confess I don’t understand your thought process. You are allowing yourself and the blog to be used for someone’s personal harassment, and you are using your long term goal of ridding the world of Cameron Slater as your justification. Come on lprent, take a deep breath, walk away. We have more important things to achieve rather than help Blomfield out with his personal vendettas.

Whale Oil is at risk of crashing and burning. Doing dirty too long and pissing on too many people was bound to backlash. It would be a shame to see The Standard go the same way. Two major blogs down would be a significant loss to the blogosphere.

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  21st January 2015

    PG are you familiar with the Lauda Finem blog, they have gone head to head with Prentice and I think they are on the ball about this Blomfield / Slater scrap:

    I think Prentice is going to end up looking like the idiot he is when this drama reaches its climatic end.

    “At the end of the day LF is confident that Slater and those who have been financially screwed by Blomfield over the years will ultimately prevail, that Slater in particular will probably be even stronger, much to Prentice’s chagrin more credible because of it, that credibility having withstood the test of time, Blomfield’s flawed, obfuscatory and malicious litigation and the muddle of confused and spurious commentary that Prentice seems to think will earn him brownie points with his readers and the MSM journo’s that both he and Blomfield have been dating.

    It’s all rather tragic really, both for Blomfiled’s victims, who’ve suffered more unnecessary public ridicule and for Prentice who will undoubtedly in time suffer the same fate, albeit in a more permanent and very likely expensive way.”

  2. Reblogged this on Lauda Finem and commented:
    For a number of months now team LF have watched on as Lynn Prentice and his Kiwi Labour Party aligned blog “The Standard” have been dancing to the tune of an accomplished pied piper, a turd polisher extraordinaire.
    Today however Lynn Prentice and his blog plunged to never before seen depths, in fact lower than the proverbial snakes belly. LF would have written a little something that pointed out the abject hypocrisy of Prentice’ latest effort but given the hours we have already wasted on pointing out obvious conflicts we thought why the hell bother.

    After all no one else seemed to be bothered. In fact it was as if “The Standard” had lost it’s rudder, a lost cause, destined for the blogosheres scrap heap, to be inhabited only by a handful of vociferous Slater hating trolls and Matt Blomfield of course, who all appear to have hijacked both Prentice and his blog, driving it even further onto the reef of irrelevance.

    You can imagine our surprise when we were made aware that a Kiwi blog, “Your NZ”, had also caught a brief glimpse of the Amagedon that awaited Prentice and his precious labour party flagship “The Standard” unless he started stearing a different course. It remains to be seen if the one eyed Capt Lynn is capable of seeing the peril for himself.

    The author of the article below, Pete George, is spot on with his analysis;

    • kiwi_guy

       /  22nd January 2015

      Prentice has rage banned me so many times from the Standard, I’m looking forward to him getting his bum blistered by this.

  3. Spiderman wants his mask back

     /  22nd January 2015

    The action taken by Blomfield is a stunt that has backfired ……. BIG time. Blomfield thought he would just play his usual dirty tricks and lie, cheat and steal his way thru – to date he has lied to High Court Judges with false affidavits, committed perjury, and continued on a path that ultimately leads to oblivion for Blomfield, and quite possibly a jail term. Blomfield has opened a door in the blogging community that in time he will wish he never did. Blomfield knows his day is coming – albiet taking a little time. His continued Court activities are just prolonging the inevitible outcome for him. He started a game that now cant finish. Blomfield cant pull out – he MUST ride this train to the last stop – not that that was ever his intention. The Standard have just become a slagging forum against Slater, and are blind to the real issue – Blomfield and his lies, theft & fraudulent business activities, and the greater good the exposure has created by taking him to task. Blomfields victims are many, (Including massive amounts of missing tax to the IRD which affects all NZers) and that telly is still growing. As you say above PG, the lynch mob mentallity of those at The Standard will likely be their own undoing.

    • kiwi_guy

       /  22nd January 2015

      There are a handful of comrade sheep on the Standard who are starting to bleet nervously about where Prentice might be herding them to.

  4. Farmerpete

     /  22nd January 2015

    My view is that Prentice is just as much a dirty poliotics practitioner as Slater. He just hasn’t been held to account for it yet. Prentice is quite happy to abuse, ridicule and malign anyone, and there are other forms of reward than money, so he shouldn’t be too pompous about his own standing, because it is right ‘down there’ with Cameron Slaters!
    He really is the archetypal nasty barstard!

    • Spiderman wants his mask back

       /  22nd January 2015

      Agree on Prentice and his dirty field he plays in. Part of it is just pure jealousy that Slater has a bigger following than he does, and Slater has to a point converted his hobby into a business that feeds the mouths at home. Perhaps Prentice has no balls, or real gumption so he lets his sheep do the abuse in the form of comments. Must be such an empowered feeling at The Standard HQ. I notice Slater never bothers to respond with any sort of post on his blog. Clearly wasting bandwidth on Lynn Prentice is not a top priority. Slaters methods to some seem harsh – the fullness of time wiil show what a mistake Prentice has made with Blomfield. And The Standard will then be known as a left wing blog who aligned themselves with a fraudster conman named Matthew John Blomfield. All for the sake of some childish rants.


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