“God, country and family”

A lot of attention is being given to the movie American Sniper. It shows the awfulness of war and the difficulty with returning to home and family.

In New film American Sniper paints Chris Kyle as a hero, but the true story is not so simple an interesting comment is quoted of the real life sniper, Chris Kyle.

He lists his priorities as “God, country and family” in that order.

That’s in the wrong order for me, and I don’t do the god bit – I can’t fathom how someone could put a deity before their family.

I’d almost always put myself and my family first. Sure I try and do something for the country but it’s a “if i can’ rather than an essential priority.

I haven’t had to consider ‘fighting for my country’ like my father, uncles and grandfathers did. I think I would have joined up in those days, but I’ve been very lucky to never been put in that position.

But the welfare of my family would remaion foremost in my mind.

Wikipedia on Chris Kyle (he was killed by ‘friendly’ fire after he returned to Texas).

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  1. kiwi_guy

     /  22nd January 2015

    If he is talking as a soldier then that is probably the right order.

    “That’s in the wrong order for me, and I don’t do the god bit – I can’t fathom how someone could put a deity before their family.”

    Well maybe that is what made him a top soldier, and why you and me aren’t.

    The movie is pissing off the Progressives because it is not in keeping with their Cultural Marxist narrative about the evil, sexist, racist, capitalist imperialist, white supremacist [ add any other ist or ism you think I left out here ] US bombing black babies in the 3rd World.

    The right whingers foam at the mouth about liberal Jewish Hollywood every time a movie is released that portrays a less than a heroic image of the U.S military and government.

  2. Mike C

     /  23rd January 2015

    Family first for me. Then my Country. God doesn’t even get a look-in. LOL.


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