Islam backlash takes a nazi turn in Germany

Just as the anti-Islamic organisatiion Pegida was organising another rally, this time in Leipzg, their leader has resigned after being exposed posing as Hitler.

BBC report: Germany Pegida: Protest leader quits in ‘Hitler’ row

The head of German “anti-Islamisation” movement Pegida, Lutz Bachmann, has resigned after a photo of him apparently posing as Hitler emerged.

Mr Bachmann stepped down just as tens of thousands of people were expected to rally in the eastern city of Leipzig for the latest Pegida rally.

Prosecutors opened an investigation after the photo was published on the front page of top-selling paper Bild.

A Pegida spokeswoman sought to play down the Facebook photo as a “joke”.

Claimed to be ex-Pagida leader Lutz Bachmann

Not a very appropriate joke in Germany.

Bild coverage: Pegida-Chef Bachmann: „Ja, ich trete zurück“

And there’s more covering it:

Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (German: Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes), commonly known by its German acronym Pegida, is a German organization based in Dresden. Since 20 October 2014 it has been organizing public demonstrations, aimed at the German government, against what it considers to be the Islamization of the Western world.

Pegida was founded in October 2014 by Lutz Bachmann, who runs a public relations agency in Dresden.[1] Bachmann’s impetus for starting Pegida was witnessing a rally by supporters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) on 10 October in Dresden,which he posted the same day on YouTube. The next day he founded a Facebook group called Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes (“Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the Occident”) which initially was mainly directed against arms shipments to the PKK.

– Wikipedia Pegida

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  1. Doesn’t change the fact that mass immigration is hugely unpopular in Germany.

    The policy dictators at the EU ignore this at their own peril

    Keep shoving it down people’s throat

  2. kiwi_guy

     /  22nd January 2015

    This is where I diverge from the Left. They believe anyone on the Right is a closet Nazi that needs to be outed.

    The reality is Stalin and Mao exterminated vastly more humans than the Nazis managed in their efforts to build a Socialist Utopia. But the Progressives will never mention this, and get butt raged if you dare mention it, denying any connection with their own socialist beliefs while they regurgitate Marxist derived propaganda about “class warfare”, “consciousness raising”, “smashing capitalism” etc.

  3. kiwi_guy

     /  22nd January 2015

    And I bet over at the Standard the comrades will have gleefully jumped on this bit of news, while hypocritically most of them have their faces buried between Dot Coms cheeks – the collector of Nazi paraphernalia.

  4. kiwi_guy

     /  22nd January 2015

    Some village in Denmark has a better idea for their collapsing birthrate than mass immigration from the 3rd World and the assault on Western culture that comes with it.

    The local council has reached an agreement with the villages that if they have more babies the council will not close community services:

    “More sex please, Denmark needs babies

    Couples in a rural town in Denmark have agreed to try to have more babies over the next few years as part of a deal with the council to keep public services running.

    Residents in Thisted struck the deal with the council, who have promised to keep schools, nurseries and facilities open if parents bear enough offspring to fill them.

    Denmark is already contending with a declining birth rate of 1.7 children born on average per family. This rate drops to 1.6 in Thisted, which has a population of just under 14,000 people.”

  5. I see the right, again trying to distance themselves from their greatest hero; ‘uncle Adolph’

    I just wonder, when ‘Pegida-NZ’ will come to light.. is the NZ, really short for NaZi ??

    • Zedd logic – if you object to mass uncontrolled immigration you’re a NAZI

      Hate to burst your bubble but National-Socialism is from the left

      – next to communism

  6. btw: I also hear the ‘1000 year reich’ did not end in 1945.. it just spread to the world. As Uncle Adolph (‘immortal leader’ ) once said; ‘today Germany.. tomorrow THE WORLD !!’

  7. Kittycatkin

     /  22nd January 2015

    It’s spelt Adolf, not Adolph. In German, there are no passengers when it comes to letters. And every letter has vun sound only. If it tries to sneak another one in, it vill be shot. Ph is a two letters pronounced as one, the lazy sods, and in Uncle Adolf’s language, that makes it a criminal.


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