Amy Adams, Does she even science?

Today a brave woman, of a slightly conservative background, a Christian Farmer and wife from the ‘Naki made the Taranaki daily paper putting her hand up as a user of Cannabis for pain relief.  She suffers from a condition called Fibromyalgia, which  causes sore muscles, general stiffness and fatigue, and tender painful points over the much of the body. In and of itself it isn’t the worst chronic pain condition to have, but it is not a “pissing contest” on who suffers the most, the secondary effects from Chronic Pain on mood, sleep, family life and love life are all the same.

In response to this the minister of Justice, Amy Adams responded

I have seen no evidence that supports the benefits for decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis, for medicinal purposes or otherwise, outweighing the harm it causes to society.

“The potential harms from smoking cannabis are well documented and I have no plans to soften the Government’s stance on what is commonly considered a gateway drug to more harmful substances such as P.

I am writing a letter to her in response, but I think some of this nonsense needs to be cleared up publicly.

The first benefit of Legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes, is in the overdose rates from Opiates (morphine class of drugs)  In the USA,  overdose rates are huge due to the way the doctors are lobbied by the pharmaceutical companies,  in every state that enabled Medicnal Marijauna law (MMJ), the rate of death from overdose dropped, this effect occurred over many states at many points in time as the dominoes fell, and is hard to refute.  In NZ I have an OIA request in to get some hard numbers on how many die, and how many nearly die from the use of Opiates in a clinical setting.  Would a reduction in deaths from Opiates of 1/3rd not be enough to justify the Medicinal Cannabis,  or would saving lives not be in the public interest.  Is it worth while and in the public interest to deny chronic pain sufferers a safer alternative, out of  fear that the likes of Dakta Green might acquire some medical product?  News flash minister, they already have it!

In the public benefit, there are thousands of New Zealanders suffering from chronic pain, and there is strong evidence for the use of Cannabis in treating that pain.  A German compilation of high quality studies conducted found of 26 good studies, 23 had favorable results in treating Chronic Pain.  Again, would a Politician deny the improved quality of life of thousands, for fear of recreational users? this stinks of either ignorance, or a lack of moral courage to do the right thing by the people.

The one thing I agree with that Amy Adams said is that smoking cannabis is harmful, which is why we have had an explosion of vaporizer devices, which coincided with the explosion in medical use in the USA, the quality vaporizers can remove 90-95% of the harmful byproduct that would otherwise be inhaled. In fact New York is implementing a no Smoking  MMJ policy.

The gateway drug theory is well and truly debunked,  studies suggest that it is early access to alcohol,  or race/social economic groups, that are stronger predictors of illicit drug use.

I look forward to the Minister trying to conjure up evidence supporting her stance from within recent history, her stance is a copy paste description that every National MP replies with, and is a Tory hangover from the Reefer madness years.  I have only attacked her stance from the Chronic Pain angle, as that is the one I am most familiar with, but others with more experience in the treatment of Nausea from Cancer and HIV treatments, or the Epilepsy and Tourretes side of the equation could certainly add even more “public interest” to alleviating suffering.

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  1. Carrie Wright

     /  24th January 2015

    I have ms and i live in odessa texas where it is still not allowed medical mary jane

    • In MS, about 1/3rd of patients get results from Cannabis, can you get Sativex? its expensive, in NZ only Sativex is allowed, and costs about $1000 for a months worth.

  2. How come Peter Dunne got to sling his synthetic dope on every corner in the land but if you smoke a plant that grows in the ground you are a criminal???

    From one pissed off young returned serviceman and criminal

    • That’s not right. The problem with synthetics was that supopliers coukld work around the drug laws as they were because only identified drugs were banned, and each time they introduced a newe concoction it took time to determine risk and ban, by which time another concoction was made to replace it.

      The change in law that Dunne was instrumental in putting in place puts the onus on drug suppliers to prove reasonable safety before they can legally market it. In theory that must be a good thing.

      • Pete D the health minister never had a conflict of interest; and his lawyer son who worked for the import suppliers never once talked business over the dinner table

        Yeah Right

        I didn’t come down in the last shower you know

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  24th January 2015

    Does she do what ? Has a word been left out ? This makes no sense.

    Opium grows in the ground, too.

  4. Kittycatkin

     /  24th January 2015

    The headline.

    I don’t think that cannabis is a bad thing, but just because something grows it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Cocaine is from a plant, and heroin, of course, is derived from opium poppies. I forget the name of the trees whose flowers caused a controversy some years ago when idiots were using them for a high and occasionally dying as a result. Daytura, I think. And many plants are poisonous.

    • It has negative side effects, but for most people they are rather benign, but rather than say its safe, I go from the safe compared to……………. side of things, my wife has nearly died when an Ambo loaded her up on morphine, it was an accident, as she had a bout of undiagnosed Anaemia at the time which made it easier to OD on. The far leftys think its safe as houses, its not, but compared to Oxy and Valium……….

      On the memory side of things, my wife has whole year of her life she cant remember pre spine surgery, the pain was so intense, and the amount of oxycontin, clonozepam etc so high it wiped it. The memory loss from cannabis seems pretty irrelevant in comparison.

  5. Newsflash : cannabis was used medicinally for 1000s of years to treat a whole raft of illnesses & conditions (check out Mother Mary Aubert’s NZ plant pharmacopia, 19th century NZ)

    BUT;It has only been since the ‘reefer madness’ hysteria on the early 20th century, that it became ‘the killer weed’, the ‘assassin of youth’ & ‘plant with its roots in HELL !’ that supposedly causes mass insanity, mass murder & even BLOODLUST (as was claimed… no really, check it out). BUT the worse part was: it caused ‘negroes’ to think they were as good as white men & even attracted white women to dance to JAZZ music… “OH NO”
    No wonder Amy is hesitant to allow any notion of law reform !
    we don’t want that.. here in Aotearoa/NZ !!
    Another newsflash: we already have it…

  6. nasska

     /  24th January 2015

    Mind you Shane…..perhaps it IS your fault & you were born into the wrong era.

  7. paul468

     /  25th January 2015

    Legalisation would turn an election result to victory for the left. Alcohol and cigarettes are worse for the health but they are allowed and taxed. If synthetic cannabis is allowed if it passes the test then I don’t see how cannabis wouldn’t be allowed. I don’t think Alcohol or cigarettes would pass the test. if the left decided to take this to the next election there would be a massive surge in the youth vote and I for one would change from national to support it; as would many others. Just once, for the 2017 election only, and for a single policy.

  8. “I have seen no evidence that supports the benefits for decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis, for medicinal purposes or otherwise…”

    That would be because you’re an ignorant bitch, Amy.

    • And Jim Beam fits in where?
      The problem with synthetics wasn’t that they were inherently dangerous or not, it was the rampant merchandising AND unknown quality – despite some having gawd aweful experiences they were and still have a remarkable safety profile (potential) if the law allowed for and tolerated (ie: Restricted Substances Regulations 2008) use, with some appropriate constraints. The Class D regulatory model was perfect in every way for recreational use of cannabis too.

  9. All I can say to Ms. Adams (in closing) :
    ‘IGNORANCE must be BLISS !”


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