Greens support Catton on truth and traitors

The Green Party has confirmed on Facebook their support for Eleanor Catton’s fairly extreme crticism of New Zealand and our politicians.

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand on Facebook:

We were grateful to have Eleanor Catton‘s support during the election campaign, and we fully support her right to speak freely about the Government’s priorities without being shouted down or called a ‘traitor’ by media commentators.

Comments supported this, for example:

Some people from the Right can’t handle the truth about their selfish economic policies that create such huge social and environmental problems. No confidence in National’s NZ Inc policies that are destroying our country

In effect call ‘the Right’ traitors to the country and the planet.

The only traitor to this country is John Key who has sold us all down the river.

Someone does accuse Key of being a traitor.

How about we start by getting rid of that treasonous Shonkey?? That would be a good start. Then we could begin to address the fricken mess he’s dropped the %99 in.

And another.

We need more people like her that are not afraid to speak up and speak the truth…its just a shame our upper echelons in Parliament lack this ability except to pimp out their own personal agenda.

So Greens speak “the truth” and critics shout down.

I think it shows that characters of many, who, can’t accept a comment as a call for a civil discussion on how to make things better for the country.

You don’t make a call for civil discussion with an extreme criticism, and then complain about the reaction.

Eleanor Catton’s comments about the government are right on, and a bit of introspection would not go amiss.

I wonder if Green supporters will try some introspection.

There were a few alternate opinions, like:

Loony left trougher – happy to have all the freedoms capitalism & tax-payer funds allow to write a few books, then kicks the gift horse in the mouth (slight mod). Traitor is a bit strong: more like high functioning professional trougher with no loyalty!

An a response:

Sorry Pete, I forgot women weren’t allowed to have opinions…

Trying the sexist putdown.

There have been extreme reactions against Catton, notably Sean Plunket.

But the extreme claims against Key and the Government and the refusal to accept there can be any reasonable alternative to their own extreme ‘truth’ makes the Green narrative as insidious as it’s opposites in it’s own way.

The ultimate irony from the Greens on Twitter, retweeted by Metiria Turia.

Yes, but labeling someone a traitor for expressing an opinion is an attempt to shut down their free speech

Extreme criticism will attract at times extreme reactions. Free speech works both ways.

Greens want the right to criticise but try to shut down criticism of themselves and their own. Blind hypocrisy, convinced that their ‘truth’ is the only way and shouldn’t be questioned.

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  1. Treachery isn’t unheard of in Key’s club. Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan betrayed his country when he approved a planned false flag in order to start a war with Syria, and the US secretary of state was implicated in the plot. The nature of the conspiracy was generally misreported by the MSM, and of course the US involvement wasn’t mentioned.

  2. Munchface

     /  29th January 2015

    Catton should be deported along with all the Gween party members. Put them on an isolated island and let them fend for themselves.

    • Sometines it sounds like they want New Zealand to be isolated islands where we fend for ourselves.

      • Mike C

         /  29th January 2015

        If the Greens had their way, we would all be living in thatch huts and our only mode of transport would be bicycles, and they would make it against the law to use things like electricity, and “Kum-Bi-Yah” would be our National Anthem.

  3. Mike C

     /  29th January 2015

    @Zedd. Of course you think that sounds great. LOL. And just for you and Le Brun, I will add one more thing, which is:-

    “Under a Ghastly Greenie Government, every adult over the age of 18, will be allowed to grow three Mary-Jane plants each, so they can get wasted after their dinner every night” 🙂

    • dave

       /  29th January 2015

      “dinner”?? stoners eat dinner? wasted/stoned first, then (more) brownies

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  29th January 2015

    It’s silly to call her a traitor though given she appears to have assumed the title of ambassador I think we can certainly call her spectacularly unfaithful to her job description.

    As for the Greens, what a nasty bunch of losers masquerading as environmentalists. They will be seen for what they are by most voters.

  5. Kittycatkin

     /  29th January 2015

    She has as much right to say what she likes as anyone else, but her opinions are so vague and unsupported as to be meaningless; they sound secondhand and parroted. I’m a great recycler, but some things should be new.

    I think that she’s peeved because she only won one prize at the NZ book awards-fiction-and someone else won the Book of the Year that she thought was hers as of right.

    Some ambassador 😀

  6. Kittycatkin

     /  29th January 2015

    One knows that someone’s running out of logical arguments when they do the very, very old women aren’t supposed to have blah blah blaf when nobody has said this-does the speaker think that you will be naive enough to defend a view that you have never held ?

  7. Pete is right – being critical invites a like response. It’s natural in any robust debate. Calling someone a traitor is infantile when everyone knows that decades have passed since nationalism was a force in politics.

    She was describing how kiwi culture affects her. Fair enough, I thought. I recall, as a teenager in the early ’60s, forming the opinion that most kiwis are as thick as pigshit. Little improvement since, eh?

    Identity politics makes left voters tribal and conformists to their belief system (government paternalism) just as it makes right voters tribal and conformists to theirs (business capitalism). Having been neither left nor right since ’71, I just see this cultural divide as a refuge for the simpleminded. Get over it, huh? Some people live & learn, some just live. Kiwis ought to take the former option: take what’s valid from both left & right, then cut the crap. We need equity. We need enterprise. We don’t need pc-driven social control, and we don’t need to be exploited by vested interests.


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