Bored with politics

Patrick Gower talked boredom and looked boorish when he dragged himself away from his holiday and launched his year in politics saying how bored he was with two political speeches.

Holiday over as Key, Little deliver speeches

The political year is well and truly underway, with both John Key and Andrew Little giving their State of the Nation speeches yesterday.

Political editor Patrick Gower is back underway too – he was at both speeches, and what a way to start 2015.

“One would have been more than enough, but two was truly demoralising,” he said on Firstline this morning.

“People call it the State of the Nation; I call it the holiday-wreckers.”

So who had the best start – Key or Little? And why?

Both Key and Little seem to have had a much better start to the year than Gower.  1/10 Paddy.

If he wasn’t aware until now that political speeches can be boring then maybe he has chosen the wrong profession. Of course the state of the nation speeches were boring.

Some journalists listened to and read the speeches and reported on the more pertinent and interesting points.

Gower chose to make his opening item for the year all about himself, sneering at those whose speeches msrked his return from holiday (in the last week of January, when most workers have been back at work for a week or two at least).

The problem with personality focussed journalists like Gower is that they are lured to mixing it with the power brokers, but wish for the excitement of sports or schmoodling with the ‘personalities’ of the entertainment industries.

Gower doesn’t get to report on massacres and disasters and what the Queen wore and what Lorde had for breakfast.

At times they try to make political coverage glamorous and exciting – silk purse out of pig’s tail stuff.

The fourth estate is supposed to doggedly hold our political elite to account. They should understand that when hard work leads to the uncovering of a big story it’s not them that the story is about.

And they should understand that even the biggest political stories are about politics, and most of the population doesn’t care.

If Gower wanted to feature in the most popular news delivery he should study the ‘Most Popular’ web site lists of what the plbes are interested in.

But he has chosen politics. And unfortunately Gower and some other journalists, mostly of the TV kind, try to make something exciting out of a mostly boring field.

Or they just make it about themselves.

If Gower is bored already it may be a long year for him. Paddy may have to plod away with a few speeches and ponderous Parliament punctuated perhaps by a by-election in Northland.

The public have long ago become bored with ‘cry wolf’ style political coverage. And self obsessed journalists who see themselvs as pseudo personalities.

A bored journalist just looks boorish and boring.

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  1. Mike C

     /  30th January 2015

    That’s an ugly look on Gower. Oh wait …

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th January 2015

    Garner and Gower must be a major factor in the decline of 3 news viewing. They were for me.

  3. Traveller

     /  30th January 2015

    Granny always used to say “if you’re bored it means you’re boring”. How right she was.

  4. Pierre

     /  30th January 2015

    He should be thankful just to have a job. If he was at Prime he most likely would have been first out the door.

  5. Kittycatkin

     /  30th January 2015

    He is a boor. I have met him, and he’s a horrid, smug,smirking knowall. He tried to trap two people into making revealing statements with questions that only an idiot wouldn’t have seen were leading and were insultingly obvious. As the two people were old hands, he was answered courteously but didn’t get the response he’d been angling for. I will always regret that I had a chance to push him off a chair that he was precariously balanced on for some reason-and didn’t. Oh, why didn’t I ?

    I bet that he was a horrible child; a real smart-alec, know-it-all.


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