Post-Survey United Future’s Direction Charted

Alan Simmons from UnitedFuture asked for this to be posted:

The United Future party is mapping out it’s future course following the results of a comprehensive survey of voter opinion.

Party President Alan Simmons said the data from the survey had revealed “exciting” potential opportunities for the party’s future direction.

“I’m very keen to see strategies developed to cement United Future as the sensible center party of New Zealand,” he said.

At a United Future Board “retreat” held in Turangi on Saturday, board members spent the day perusing and analysing the results of the national survey.

“We’re mindful that the general publics perception is vitally important” said Mr Simmons. “But so too is the expectations of the party members. Putting all of this together was no mean task but the results clearly showed the way forward.”

He said the survey had been an invaluable success with sufficient respondents to give reliable, credible results but admitted there were some surprises amongst the data sets with a number of positives for the party.

“For example, among them was that center right voters see United Future as the environmental consciousness of National while another was 78 percent of all respondents believe the party has an important role to play in future New Zealand politics. Plus there was overwhelming support from non-party members for the party to continue its centrist, commonsense role in building a future for generations to come and ensuring good stewardship of the outdoors and environment.”

Mr Simmons said that with the survey revealing current members thinking and also that of potential voters, the party’s board was now mapping out the future direction.

“The survey was great in providing a wealth of revealing data. United Future will naturally make some changes as highlighted by the results aiming to give a new direction of the party to ensure United Future can look to a substantial future.”

This is the sort of thing I would post from other parties so happy to do it, if I had seen it in a press release or media report I would have posted on it anyway. UnitedFuture have a huge challenge regaining a political presence beyond Peter Dunne but it’s good to see them trying. (I have had no involvement with the party since 2013).

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  1. Greg Kennedy

     /  4th February 2015

    I thought a ‘comprehensive survey of voter opinion’ was undertaken last November?

    Could some, possibly, take the outcome of that (5,286 party votes or 0.22% of votes cast) as an indication of limited customer demand and/or market penetration? Could some even suggest it may be time the trestle tables be taken down, the tent folded away and everyone get on with something more productive to pass the time (like crochet or bowls or even put their time to community organisations).

    Disclaimer….I even voted for UF back when it seem to have some relevance and offer some kind of credible alternative

  2. United WHO ?

    The ‘Legalise Cannabis party’ got twice the party vote (0.4%).. how many MPs did they get ?

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  4th February 2015

    United Future was responsible for blocking RMA reform last parliamentary term. They don’t deserve a future.

  4. Pierre

     /  4th February 2015

    Environment issues – so are they going to try and be Gareth’s “Blue-Green” party? With Russell gone, there would be an opportunity to try and get the support of Prius buyers of leafy suburbs. As noted in the comments they are hardly helpful with the RMA so perhaps that would be a better fit.

    Act may take an interest in all this as they have followed UF from a National coalition partner to a poodle given a seat and reduced to irrelevance (at least Act managed a transition from “high profile” Hide to other MPs – will UF manage to do so with Dunne).

    I think we do need a central/right party other than National. But is this the answer (and if so, did we ask the right question). If Act and UF disappear, does that leave Colin Craig as the next best thing (yikes).

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  4th February 2015

      Seymour is good value. Give him time.

      • Pierre

         /  4th February 2015

        Indeed he is. But he has a lot of work to do to become relevant in the public eye. At the moment Act is a tea cup in NZ politics. Changing that is the task. At least he is competent and energetic so has some potential to achieve that. But I wonder if the only way for relevance is to introduce potential future candidates who become experts on particular issues and speak about those issues “on behalf of Act” rather than just have public contact through the 1 MP.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  4th February 2015

          Trust takes time to build. ACT will always have implacable enemies and misrepresentation in the substantial Lefty journalist cabal who employ sensationalism to get publicity and are fed by Labour and the Greens. They need to find ways of communicating directly with the public which are not vulnerable to being howled down by the squadrons of unemployed Lefty orcs that inhabit the MSM websites.

  5. Mike C

     /  4th February 2015

    @AlanW. I was just about to write almost your exact same words about Seymour 🙂

    However Dunne has always given me the heeby jeebys with lots of stuff that comes out of his mouth, and the way he votes in Parliament 😦


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