Key response to Little ‘liar’ claim

Yesterday Andrew Little called John Key a liar over his claims about what he knew when about Mike Sabin.

NZ Herald reported Andrew Little says John Key is lying about when he knew of Mike Sabin allegations:

Mr Little told RadioLive this morning he did not accept the Prime Minister would not have known about the allegations before his chief of staff told the Prime Minister’s office on November 26.

“I don’t accept what [Mr Key]’s saying, I don’t believe he’s telling the truth… [he is] a liar,” Mr Little said.

Radio NZ reported Labour questions PM’s info on Sabin:

Labour leader Andrew Little told Morning Report he heard about allegations from two different people in November, so they must have been widely known.

“It was clear to me from information that had come into my office that people seemed to know that the allegations had been made, they had been around for some time.

“So I certainly had the view I’d be suprised that the Prime Minister or people in his office didn’t know about the allegations before we notified them of them.

Yesterday Mr Key said his chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, knew of issues affected Mr Sabin in November but he himself found out on 1 December. He said a call came in to his office from Labour on 3 December.

Mr Little has said his staff learned of issues and notified John Key’s office on 26 November.

Today NZ Herald reports John Key says Andrew Little is wrong over timing of Mike Sabin knowledge:

Prime Minister John Key has rejected claims by Andrew Little that he was “a liar” over when he was first told about the personal issues relating to former National MP Mike Sabin.

“It’s a slightly disappointing path he is going down that other leaders did,” Mr Key said, in response to claims Mr Key had lied.

“In the end I knew on December 1. His argument is that as Prime Minister I must know everything. But if that’s a logical argument, why would his office ring my office to give me a heads up.”

Mr Key says his chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, found out on November 25 that Mr Sabin was being investigated by police. He went on to gather further information and Mr Key said he had been comfortable with the process Mr Eagleson had gone through.

Mr Key said that given the information he had at the time, he believed there was no need to stand down Mr Sabin as chairman of the law and order select committee.

Belatedly Key’s explanation sounds plausible. His initial vague responses to questioning left him open to criticism and speculation, and there was plenty of both.

Mr Little said he made his claim on the basis of his belief that the police would have told the Police Minister early on that they were investigating an MP and that the Police Minister would have immediately told the Prime Minister.

And now Little says his accusation was based on ‘his belief”- not a very substantial argument. He needs to be careful not to overplay his hand with insufficient evidence.

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  1. David

     /  5th February 2015

    And we finally arrive at who cares ? The media look like childish idiots with nothing better to do than burn shareholders cash, their audience and relevance, Little now looks like a typical Labour gotcha politician which has proved so ineffective in the past. Key of course will remain as popular as ever because he is running the country in a competent manner.

  2. Mike C

     /  5th February 2015

    Just when Andrew Little was beginning to shape up as a viable Opposition Leader, the dumb bastard ruins the credibility traction he has gained by going down the same path as his predecessor. Labour Leaders don’t seem to be terribly bright.

    • Its called ‘holding the Govt. to account’.. sorry to burst your bubble MC

      • Goldie

         /  5th February 2015

        Zedd: “Holding the Govt. to account” means scrutinising the Government’s finances, actions and policies.
        Sabin (a backbench MP who is being investigated for an alleged incident in his personal life) has absolutely nothing to do with this.
        Little is playing silly “gotcha” politics.

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  5th February 2015

    To call someone a liar without evidence is surely actionable. I loathe Graham Mac Greedy, but for once wish that he’d take up a case.

  4. The only thing Key is competent at is; misleading the country with his B-S

    “I wasn’t told”, “I wasn’t there”, “I didn’t see it”, “there’s nothing to see here” etc. etc.

    ‘.. BUT you can’t fool ALL the people, ALL the time’

    “WAKE UP people !!” says I&I

  5. Kittycatkin

     /  5th February 2015

    He is the Prime Minister; he has to delegate; he can’t see every piece of paper and email that comes into his office. Anyone who’s known a Cabinet Minister will know what a vast amount of paperwork is involved,so what it must be like for the PM is unimaginable. I have worked for one Minister and known a few socially, and they work harder than most of us would believe, Anyone who says otherwise has never known any politicians. One Minister whom I know once said that on his ‘holidays’ he wanted to be left alone after 4.30 pm. How many of us would be prepared to only have evenings off on what was supposed to be our holidays ? Imagine a shopworker being expected to only have the time off that they would anyway at the end of every working day-or rather, 30-60 minutes a day as their holidays.

    He is a very clever man (John Key) and I’d like to see those who indulge in cheap sneers at him doing his job for a day and see how they like it.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  5th February 2015

      Well said Kitty. I agree with all of it. So much criticism of MPs is totally ignorant unfair drivel. And that goes for all parties. I have criticised policies but never their efforts or lifestyle.


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