Andrew Little is a republican

Andrew Little said today that he supports New Zealand having it’s own head of state. 3 News reported:

Labour’s new leader Andrew Little says he wants much more than a new flag and revealed he is a Republican.

“I believe that at some stage we should have our own head of state that comes from New Zealand,” says Mr Little.

Sounds good to me. I think it’s inevitable New Zealand will disconnect from the monarchy on the other side of the world and become a Republic.

It’s just a matter of time. A process to explore public opinion is unlikely to happen while John Key remains Prime Minister, he seems to be very keen on contact with the Queen.

And while Elizabeth remains as queen it’s probable that support will stay leaning towards retaining her as our head of state, no matter how irrelevant she has become.

But once Charles takes over, presuming he survives his mother, expect a growth in republicanism. Those supporting the monarch tend to be in the older part of ther population.

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  1. Mike C

     /  6th February 2015

    I’m a Royalist, George 🙂
    I don’t intend on dying for 50 years. LOL.

  2. kiwi_guy

     /  7th February 2015

    Its called tradition, history and continuity and we need to uphold those.

    Its also interesting that the ones most keen to trash our English colonial heritage as “irrelevant” are the ones who love to make the most of Maori historical grievances and insist they are relevant to today.

    I see the move to Republicanism as mostly a combo of “bleeding heart” liberals with intellectual airs and the usual Cultural Marxist suspects aiming to “smash Patriarchy!” and “smash Capitalism!”.

    • I’m certainly not the latter and I’m fairly sure I’m not a “bleeding heart” liberal.

      In most respects we became indipendent of the UK in the 1970s (at their instigation). ‘Colonial heritage’ IS irrelevant now. Economically and trade-wise we are closer to a number of other couyntries than we ar to the UK.

      So I see no point in clinging to a bit of useless monarchy.

      A lot of early immmigrants came here to egt away from a snobby class system. I see no place for it in a modern independent New Zealand.

  3. All this talk about flags & a republic.. is it just a distraction from the important stuff ?

    1) unemployment
    2) housing shortage
    3) increasing gap between rich & poor
    4) sending kiwis into Iraq (ISIL war)
    5) climate change

    etc. etc. etc.
    I think a new flag & a kiwi head of state.. is likely to come about one day, BUT I don’t see it as worth ‘stopping the presses or the nation’ about !

  4. Mike C

     /  7th February 2015

    @KiwiG. I would have expected you to comment otherwise 🙂


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