“I don’t owe the National party a single thing”

Cameron Slater at Whale Oil:

I am not beholden to the National party. I’m not a member, and as I said standing on a balcony doing a live interview in Israel…Prime Minister’s come and Prime Minister’s go, long after John Key retires I’ll still be here.

I don’t owe the National party a single thing…it is actually the reverse.

But given there is an ongoing campaign of animosity from the senior ranks of the party frankly they can suffer in the stew of their own making.

Meanwhile I’ll continue to tell the truth whether you guys like it or not.

He doesn’t say what he thinks the National Party owe him.

Pete Belt:

I don’t owe the National party a single thing…it is actually the reverse.

…talk about arrogance!


These comments are on a lengthy post from (presumably) Belt promoting how wonderful and clever Slater and Whale Oil are in FROM THE PASSENGER SEAT: WHY DOTCOM AND KEY ARE THE SAME. Cavalier pointed out the obvious:

No DotCom and Key are not the same. One is a convicted criminal who is wanted on further serious charges and who is here on false pretenses, having deliberately lied on his residence application. The other is a genuine and ordinary bloke attempting to do his best for our country, even though he doesn’t need (and doesn’t take) the money. I can see the difference clearly.

But mostly Belt was angling at Slater versus Key’s National.

So.  Who do you trust?  Cam’s Slater’s judgement on matters political, or what you personally wish to be true based on less and filtered information?

A silly choice. I don’t “wish to be true’ and I am very wary of trusting Slater.

Purely from a practical point of view, National should be concerned with succession planning.  Key won’t last forever.  We only have to look at Labour to see what happens when nobody is ready to take over after a decade of someone who eliminates all the pretenders to the throne.

Slater is feeling highly aggrieved at his own succession planning being dealt a setback. He blames Key for Judith Collins falling from grace but Collins (aided substantially by Slater) has been the architect of her own fall.

Sure John Key will sometime step down or be dumped.

That leaves opportunites for others to rise in his place. Time will tell whether the party or the public will approve of Collins should she rehabilitate, and whether they will tolerate with Slater style political manipulation.

The National Party owes Slater nothing – surely he doesn’t expect a handout of power.

And Collins has to earn her way back into favour, which won’t be easy. Once tainted it is hard to erase the risks.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  6th February 2015

    Slater obviously missed out on charm school. Waitangi Day should be renamed Horrible Harawira Day so we can remember it properly. Belt should be given Billy T James’ mirror so he can sing “How Great Thou Art” into it.

  2. Maureen

     /  6th February 2015

    The only thing left worth looking at on Whaleoil are Sonovamins cartoons which are brilliant. Passenger Seat, Concrete Cancer (pt 22), Dodgey Socialist Dam (pt 37), blah, blah. Whaleoil’s “spark” was extinguished many months ago.

  3. pdm

     /  6th February 2015

    The National front bench will be all the better for the reinstatement of Judith Collins to it – give her back Police and ACC for starters.

  4. alloytoo

     /  6th February 2015

    Passenger seat is drival, nothing more

  5. Kittycatkin

     /  6th February 2015

    He missed out on English, spelling and grammar classes, too.

  6. SteveRemmington

     /  7th February 2015

    Originally was a huge fan of WO. But that post turned me right off. Not for the criticism levelled at Key, but because through that one post WO, Cameron and Pete have laid bare what their intentions of negative reporting on National is truly about. Giving back double.

    No longer in the inner National circle, Judith’s career in tatters. Failing support from commentators on his blog. Reduced to charity boxing like a failed Bill English.

    Not sure about Key losing his mojo, but Cameron certainly has.


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