NZ First’s immigration nightmare

NZ First’s Denis O’Rourke wants us to Turn off the ‘immigration tap’.

An Opposition party is calling for a complete halt to immigration, saying it’s the only way to solve Auckland’s housing shortage.
“There aren’t enough houses for Kiwis in Auckland, let alone for immigrants,” said NZ First MP Denis O’Rourke.
“The Government must boldly bring immigration to a halt or Kiwis will continue to suffer.”

And that would halt economic growth.

“The National Government’s open-door immigration policy is responsible,” said Mr O’Rourke.

It’s irresponsible and patent nonsense claiming we have an ‘open-door immigration policy’. Immigrants must meet strict criteria or fit within limited quotas.

“The Government must turn off the tap on immigration if there’s going to be any hope of rescuing Kiwis from this housing nightmare.”

We could squash immigration and economic prosperity. Or we could sort out availability of land to allow housing growth alongside population growth.

It would be a nightmare if NZ First dictated immigration policy.

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  1. pdm

     /  13th February 2015

    When it comes to stupidity NZFirst can really give the Greens a run for their money at times.

  2. I’d listen to Winston & NZ1st rather than ‘team key’.. anyday !

  3. kiwi_guy

     /  13th February 2015

    “Immigrants must meet strict criteria or fit within limited quotas.”

    That is BS, Pete. If you actually lived in Auckland and bumped into all these characters who barely speak English and/or are driving courier vans, operating $2 shops and dairies, and generally soaking up any entry level positions, you would then have a clue.

    Seriously, what “strict criteria” allows non English speakers in to drive courier vans?

    Have you not heard of chain immigration, one gets their foot in the door and then the whole village soon follows, qualifying via relationship. And don’t forget the old trick of pooling funds to full individual bank accounts to meet ‘strict criteria’ then redirect the cash to the next guy’s account.

    Family friends recently bought a grimy property off Indians, it had been stuffed full of mattresses to sleep a dozen or more Indian immigrants in Calcutta slum conditions.

    Another family friend’s son is a surgeon and he said virtually every weekend there is at least one admittance for a Female Genital Mutilation victim.

    Pete, you need to get past the “White middle class liberal guilt’ syndrome and the “Diversity is Awesome” mantra.

  4. kiwi_guy

     /  13th February 2015

    What’s the link between immigration and economic growth? The real issue is the collapse of the European NZ birth rate to well below replacement level, so we think the smart answer is to open the flood gates to the 3rd world hordes?

  5. Kittycatkin

     /  13th February 2015

    I wish that Winston Peters would tell us what ‘Two Wongs don’t make a white’ actually MEANS. To me, it seems like saying ‘Two Johnsons don’t make a paddock’ or some other equally meaningless thing.

    ‘Two braying NZ First sychophants don’t make a meaningless piece of nonsense meaningful.’ ?


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