A Sea of Immigrants

Despite what some peop,e claim we don’t have open borders in New Zealand and we don’t have an unlimited flood of immigrants.

It’s debatable whether we have the right sort of immigration balance but especially compared to many other countries our immigration isn’t out of control. Illegal immigration is a minor issue here. Part of the reason for this is our lack of proximity to other countries.

Europe has major problems with illiegal immigrants. Many of these flood across the Mediterranean Sea moving north from Africa (a path for immigration since humans started moving from our continent of origin and spreading around the world).

Desperation forces people to take despereate measures and there’s many risks with the Mediterranean route, as a disater this week demonstrates.

Finjancial Times reports: New migrant deaths off Italian coast spur calls for EU action

As many as 300 people are feared dead after attempting to reach Italy on inflatable dinghies in stormy weather, in one of the Mediterranean Sea’s worst maritime disasters, sparking calls for European authorities to fund more intensive search-and-rescue operations.

Reporting accounts from survivors, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said four rubber boats carrying migrants mainly from sub-Saharan Africa left a Libyan beach on Saturday — but scores drowned in international waters amid high waves and freezing temperatures.

The death toll, if confirmed, approaches that of a shipwreck off the Italian island of Lampedusa in October 2013 that killed 366 migrants.

One of the winners in the World Press Photo competition is a graphic indication of what people will do, from the migrants to the traffickers.


A Sea of Immigrants

Operation Mare Nostrum by Italian photographer Massimo Sestini: Taking second prize in the General News category is this image depicting a boatload of refugees rescued 20 miles north of Libya by the Italian Navy. Following the deaths of scores of asylum seekers in 2013, the Italian Government set its forces on saving anyone shipwrecked at sea

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  1. Mike C

     /  14th February 2015

    God Almighty !!! The people on that boat have been packed in like sardines. Not a single life jacket on board either 😦

  2. Brown

     /  14th February 2015

    Do nothing except return them to the beach they left from. They are fleeing dumps of their own making so they can turn Western Europe into a dump just like they left.

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  14th February 2015

    (wide eyed)

    But we DO have an open border. Everyone knows that. All are welcome. They can bring the entire extended family (or even the whole village) as a right (fares paid by NZ, of course) as soon as they arrive, and they’re all provided with free housing and given money to live on. Not only that, there are warehouses full of new furniture and everything needed to set up house. It’s true ! No questions are asked, they’re taken there straight from the airport.

    Schools are being forced to build mini-mosques and temples in the grounds, but they are forbidden to acknowledge any Christian religious views. I thought that everyone knew all this.


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