More on Rachinger accusations

Ben Rachinger let rip with a volley of Tweets earlier this week.  In particular he made an accusation about Cameron Slater:

I am known as someone who knows about network and computer security, in some circles. You get offered jobs. Would you like to hear about it?

I was offered $5,000 and bonuses to hack The Standard and pull out the authors list and keep a Backdoor in. I did not. Now you know.

It was hard to know whether Ben was being truthful and could back this up with evidence or if he was indulging in some mischief.

If true that would show a highly hypocritical of Slater who has complained long and hard about the illegal hacking of his data. And he has insisted he doesn’t do anything illegal.

I collated most of the tweets here – Rachinger previously – and here – Ben Rachinger versus Cameron Slater.

Since then Ben’s been quieter but made a few comments a couple of days ago:

If Slater had tweeted what I said and showed you all yesterday, it would have been everywhere. Think about the complicity of your media.

Not even a peep from the Opposition. I guess everyone wants to pretend politics is a fair ‘game’. Power isn’t a game and it def isn’t fair

Knowing the way things are twisted and spun, how else was I to get word out? You, who have listened and read, deserve better information.

And yesterday he was quoting.

And a couple more.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Albert Einstein

“To see a wrong and not to expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.” Dr. John Raymond Baker

Perhaps coincidentally just after midnight this morning a post appeared at The Standard.

Interesting story coming up in The Herald

There will probably be a story soonish in The Herald that will be of particular interest to The Standard community.

We have had nothing to do with the coverage. We’ve just been watching events unfold on Twitter, and we’re happy to see it come out (thanks to a brave individual) via The Herald.

It could be unrelated. Or this could be what The Standard is referring to.

Slater has targeted NZ Herald in particular in his frequent and harsh criticisms of old media , and has specifically battled with NZH journalists. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see some interest returned by investigating this story.

If they have looked in to it then they would have talked to someone from The Standard, probably Lynn Prentice. So someone at The Standard would be aware a story could be pending.

There doesn’t appear to be anything on the Herald yet this morning. It could be a Weekend Herald story.

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  1. Mike C

     /  20th February 2015

    Perhaps there is something to Rachingers ravings after all. Has Blubber-Boy written any posts in response to Batty-Boy ???

  2. Kerry

     /  20th February 2015

    He also replied to a tweet asking if he had any proof, and he tweeted back that he had 100% proof I might have to buy the weekend herald

  3. Not me. I did have a brief discussion with Ben on twitter pointing out that accessing the TS back end would get some real names and their emails, and pseudonyms with one shot gmail accounts forwarding. Backdoors wouldn’t work because I have to approve authors, and the site paranoid checks its code often. I am a old programmer who still programs and sets up secure systems for a living.

    • Mike C

       /  20th February 2015

      @lprent. So you are saying there is no way Rachinger could have got thru your system security walls, and that he is “all hot air and no balloon” ???

  4. Slatere’s abuse of the old media is in the same hypocritical vein as his pursuit of adulterers, liars, native advertisers and feral ratbags. Complete lack of self-awareness in that one, and all sorts of contortionism as to why it is OK for him but not OK for anyone else. If his ‘Freed’ venture ever gets off the ground, he will soon discover the realities involved in running a proper publication, including the necessity for those old concepts of ethics and respect for others.

  5. Greg M

     /  20th February 2015

    I can’t see why anyone needs to know who the anonymous contributors are. I also think Rachinger is poking a stick around inside a wasp nest hoping someone else will get stung.
    Even though I don’t often agree with the authors or commenters on TS, I strongly condemn anyone attempting to access their private property.

    • Missy

       /  20th February 2015

      I am no fan of The Standard’s, I find the tone bullying, intolerant and nasty, however, in saying that I don’t agree with anyone’s private information being accessed, or even an attempt to access it, regardless of who it is. I do think however that those at The Standard should be careful in how they approach this, after all many over there revelled in Cam Slater’s personal emails being published, and they run the risk of looking hypocritical and thinking that hacking is okay as long as it is those that disagree with them.

      For the record, (in anticipation of the accusations), I am no fan of Whaleoil either, for similar reasons to why I don’t like the Standard, I find them the mirror of each other, but I do believe in fairness.

  6. Missy

     /  20th February 2015

    So, those over at The Standard expect us to believe that they know of a NZ Herald story just by following twitter? I personally don’t believe that, they are either indulging in wishful thinking, have been contacted by the NZ Herald or they have a contact at NZ Herald who are feeding them stories ahead of publication.

  7. Prohais

     /  21st February 2015

    Who is the older member of the group?

    The american in the silly hat …

  8. Traveller

     /  21st February 2015

    Donghiu Liu donations?

    • That doesn’t really involve The Standard.

    • Missy

       /  22nd February 2015

      The post didn’t actually say it involved The Standard, just that there was a story of particular interest to The Standard community, so it does not necessarily mean that The Standard is directly part of the story.

      I doubt they will say what story they were referring to as it may cause some questions as to how they new in advance, and what links they have with the NZ Herald.

      If it is the Liu donations I can see why it is of interest to them, they did spend a bit of time playing down Labour’s connections to him, and looking for dirt on National’s, so this would play into their views the corrupt Government.

      If it is the Ben Rachinger story some are already backtracking on that saying that it is unlikely the NZ Herald will print any story about it.

      I still don’t believe that they know of a story just from Twitter, I believe someone at The Standard is connected to the NZ Herald and leaked the details.

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