Can Scoop survive with crowdfunding?

Scoop has beein looking at howe to re-invent itself as a news resource site, and in an attempt to re-invent it’s financial support they are seeking crowd-funding. The Standard posted on this (yes, I read about it there and not at Scoop):

The team at Scoop are re-inventing themselves via a public conversation on the state of the media. They now have a crowdfunding page up at Pledgeme:

We plan to transform into a not-for-profit media organisation held for the benefit of all NZers, accountable to the community of news communicators and consumers it serves

Scoop is seeking one-off funding of $30,000 to enable this transformation

If you value independent news and investigative journalism please go and give them a hand at Pledgeme

I think Scoop is a very useful research resource but I don’t think it’s seen much as a go-to site for keeping up with things as they happen. I sometimes got to Scoop to try and find things I can’t find elsewhere but don’t see it featuring in the social media daily news buzz.

There’s a link to a promotional interview:


Jesson Wood from Scoop News here outside Parliament with Scoop editor Alistair Thompson. Al, Scoop is launching a crowdfunding campaign, what’s that all about?

Thompson: Scoop is undergoing a transformation, from a private business into a not-for-profit media organisation held for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Wood: How will a not-for-profit media organisation benefit New Zealanders?

Thompson: As the largest online news publisher Scoop is a key part of democracy. We’ve been publishing the public statements of anyone and everyone for almost twenty years, making the political process accessible to everybody.

Wood: It seems like Scoop has a strong foundation, so why go out to your crowd?

Thompson: The news business in New Zealand is in a bad way. Online revenues are falling, budgets are being slashed and standards are slipping. The public is justifiably concerned about the situation, especially in the wake of the Dirty Politics revelations.

So Scoop is building a new kind of news organisation for the twenty first century. We need to change the way we do news, building a news business that’s owned by the public, for the public that will ensure accountability and a better understanding of the implications of media ownership.

Wood: So what does this all mean for Scoop and it’s readers?

Thompson: Scoop is planning on moving forward to a more sustainable business model. This means working with new partners to make our public offereing even better, and build a better news products for our paying clients.

To kick this all off we need thirty thousand dollars. This money will be used to prepare a new legal framework, bring fresh people into the team, and support a re-focus, and support a re-focus in Scoop’s business.

If we exceed our target then extra funds will be used to optimise the site for mobile devices, something we know our readers want.

Through this crowd funding project Scoop is seeking to give online news in New Zealand a significant head start. If the next fifteen years is anything like the last fifteen years then independent ethical on-line news is something that New Zealand is going to continue to need.

Unfortunately that sounded like a party political broadcast for a minor party. It only preaches to the loyal. Alastair is more journalist than marketer.

The appeal for crowd funding is an interesting exercise but the crowd who are inspired to contribute might be sparse.

There is a definite need for independent news coverage, and especially in depth investigation and analysis. I hope Scoop can discover a recipe for survival.

I think that a one-stop-shop approach is one of their problems. Scoop is more like a library than a news broadcast.

Perhaps they should consider separating the news database and have several focussed front end sites targeting different more popular online markets. They may have already considered this.

I’d like to see Scoop survice but it’s not going to be easy.

Ok, after this I thought I had better go to Scoop and see how they are promoting this.

Scoop Is Crowd Funding – Help Scoop To Fly In 2015

There’s some heavy duty reading on that page. I might have more of a look sometime but right now I have to go and check out what’s happening in the news.

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