Robertson versus LINZ on foreign ownership register

OIA documents show that LINZ thinks a foreign ownership register of landowners wouldn’t be easy nor accurate.

NewstalkZB reports: Stoush brewing over foreign landowner register.

Documents obtained under the Official Information Act show Land Information New Zealand believes a land transfer system wouldn’t be an appropriate way to collect the information, nor would it produce accurate results.

LINZ warns enforcement of a register could be difficult, and requiring land owners to provide their immigration status could be inconsistent with the Privacy Act.

Officials also say singling out foreign land owners could breach the Bill of Rights and Human Rights Acts.

But Labour’s Grant Robertson doesn’t agree.

“They make the point of looking at the state of Queensland and come up with every small and minor reason why it might not be possible. In reality, if there is a will and need to do this it can be done.”

It would cost an extra $100,000 for changes to be made to the electronic land transfer system to record a property owners’ residence status

Labour MP Grant Robertson says given the price of houses in Auckland at the moment, $100,000 is a bargain to get the system going.

He says it seems to him New Zealanders want to know more about the origins of people who’re purchasing houses.

How many New Zealanders want to know about this apart from MPs who want to use it for political ammunition?

What would a register be useful for apart from complaining about how many foreigners buy property here? The next step would be actually stopping foreign ownership, but then a register would be superfluous.

Robertson is Labour’s finance spokesperson, why is he speaking on this? He may just have responded to journalist inquiries, there’s nothing on this on his Facebook timeline, Twitter, his website or the Labour media release page.

The most important question is what will a foreign onwership register achieve?

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  1. cleanupnz

     /  23rd February 2015

    Who, in their right mind, would give a toss what the foul fat faggit thinks? When his beloved Islamists take over he will be first off a roof.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  23rd February 2015

    Robertson wouldn’t know the first thing about the Auckland housing market or a actually building or doing anything except mouthing off. Thank heavens he is not in charge of anything.

  3. traveller

     /  23rd February 2015

    I think a property register is one idea to be considered. Aucklanders conversations at every gathering turn to the housing market. You can hardly expect spokesmen for the Real Estate industry to tell us the extent of this practice while they are living the commission dream. I know that Crockers oversee management of one Chinese-based owner with more than 900 residential houses, and that they have others in the hundreds – where is the media reporting on this? Essentially I am a free market economy advocate but is it only me that struggles with the fact non-residents can speculate in residential housing here, but we cannot reciprocate.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  23rd February 2015

      No, it isn’t only you but why does it matter? If Chinese want to buy our houses let’s build more of them.

      Oh, that’s right. We have armies of bureaucrats making sure we can’t.

  4. eJboTIADf

     /  24th February 2015



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