Pray to fix the Middle East?

I saw this on Facebook today in relation to New Zealand deploying troops in Iraq.

It’s all very well to send others. My Dad was in WW2 and said what a waste of a young mans life. Prayer is much more powerful than bullets. We all need to be UNITING as a NATION in PRAYER. Let’s start as individuals and pray ……. the power of one.

There’s no chance of the nation (New Zealand) of uniting in prayer.

And even if we did it’s going to make no difference to the Muslim dominated Middle East.

Prayer can be useful for some people on a personal but I’ doubt collective prayer has stopped many wars let alone sort out a mess like the Middle East.Some of the convoluted grievances pre-date Christ.


  1. Someone just went full retard…………

  2. Mike C

     /  February 26, 2015

    Yeah … praying has always worked for me. Praying has won me Lotto Power Ball and Tennis matches, and never getting driven into by a Tourist driver. NOT !!!