Do ISIS have a Kiwi journalist hostage?

On RadioLive this morning Bill Ralston talked about a rumour that ISIS have a “a Kiwi journalist in their hands”.


From about 12:44

Ralston: Sort of running parallel to this and when you talk about encouraging ISIS to strike here in New Zealand, I mean that’s entirely possible, but I do continually hear a rumour that there is a New Zealand journalist in ISIS hands, that presumably the Government is not saying anything about that if that is the case, um for um um security reasons um so…

Sainsbury: What? For how long?

Ralston: Well I’ve been hearing this has been going on for some weeks, there is a Kiwi journalist in their hands. That’s entirely possible, New Zealand journalists run all over the world, particularly into hot spots.

If so that complicates the current issue and is likely to entrench opposiong views on deploying trrops in Iraq.

Siasnbury: And of course see the problem with these things isn’t it is that it could also be something that started and these things sort of feed off itself, but if that’s a, jeepers if that is true that means that the you know the implications  of the decision are even more serious.

Ralston: Keep an eye on YouTube I suppose….things could get very ugly. And I don’t know how New Zealand would react to something like that, if in fact they decided to um….

There would be range of strong reactions.

It would be given as a good reason why we shouldn’t get involved in the Middle East. And as a good reason why we have to be involved, because we’ll get drawn into it anyway.

It will make a difference if the journalist was captured before the decision to go to Iraq was made.

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  1. Missy

     /  1st March 2015

    If this is true, I would not be surprised to find the hostage was taken months ago, and if so, did this information play any part in Key’s decision on going to Iraq?

    • Collateral Damage

       /  1st March 2015

      I would doubt it.
      Let’s get real, when have any of the ‘shiny-arsed suit brigade’ ever given a damn?

  2. Mike C

     /  1st March 2015

    The question I find myself asking myself is:-

    “Does Bill Ralston strike me as being a bit of a stirrer or rumour-monger ???”

    I don’t know much about the man at all, so someone else in here is going to have to answer that question for me 🙂

    • Delia

       /  1st March 2015

      No, I do not consider Bill a stirrer about serious things, he has heard something.

  3. Antoni

     /  1st March 2015

    its been hinted at by many in the media. former john key apologist radio live 9-12 host has said there’s something about Isis and nz both the media and beehive lot aren’t telling the people

  4. Mike C

     /  1st March 2015

    Does New Zealand still have an “Official Secrets Act” ???

    • Missy

       /  1st March 2015

      I don’t think so, I think it was replaced by the Official Information Act which provides for information being withheld from release based on being against national interests.

    • Pierre

       /  1st March 2015

      It is the Official Information Act 1982 so has been around for a while. Relevant is section 6:

      6 Conclusive reasons for withholding official information
      Good reason for withholding official information exists, for the purpose of section 5, if the making available of that information would be likely—
      (a) to prejudice the security or defence of New Zealand or the international relations of the Government of New Zealand; or
      (d) to endanger the safety of any person; or

      If a request is made then section 10 applies:

      10 Information concerning existence of certain information
      Where a request under this Act relates to information to which section 6 or section 7 or section 9(2)(b) applies, or would, if it existed, apply, the department or Minister of the Crown or organisation dealing with the request may, if it or he is satisfied that the interest protected by section 6 or section 7 or section 9(2)(b) would be likely to be prejudiced by the disclosure of the existence or non-existence of such information, give notice in writing to the applicant that it or he neither confirms nor denies the existence or non-existence of that information.

      • Mike C

         /  1st March 2015

        @Pierre. Every time an ISIS hostage’s identity becomes publicly known, they either end up beheaded or burnt alive.

        I am comfortable with our Government keeping a New Zealand hostage’s name and personal details secret, until our SAS Team get up there to save them 🙂


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