Ecosse_Maidy response

Ecosse_Maidy, who is an occasional commenter at The Standard, made the effort to comment here about my Aspergers post. I’d like to address all their points.

I have just gone through the entries for the 1st of March on Open Mic at The Standard.
I do find it a rather odd that you are honing in on what people may or may not speculate are your drivers behind your behaviour
I can understand on the one hand you might be offended to the Aspergers remark yet that’s only half the story is it not Mr George?

I thought I made it clear I wasn’t offended, I was amused.

You haven’t told anyone on your wee site about what occurred prior in the thread?
A) You were called out for being A Racist, in your own words.

I thought I’d deal with that properly when I choose to. I wasn’t called out for being a racist in my own words. Te Peo Putake, in typical fashion for him, dishonestly took a part quote and put an unsupportable ‘interpretation’ on it.

What I responded to and said was:

“Why weren’t you at the Pegida rally?”

Because it was on the other side of the world. I thought even you would have worked out something obvious like that. Why weren’t you at the counter protest?

But I’ve backed Newcastle Unites from here. Have you

What Te Reo replied with

Wow! Only distance prevents racist Pete from marching with the fascists. Thanks for the unintended honesty, schmuck.

Considering Newcastle Unites opposed and outnumbered Pegida by five to one my stance was quite clear.

TRP could have made an honest mistake in not reading my full comment but it’s unlikely due to the fact that he kept repeating his misquote and lies.- and even claimed he had quoted me when he hadn’t done that at all,

B) You could not get out of that with your usual deflection tactics, so resorted, to persistently calling a commentator/author a liar,

Because he obviously was lying. And reacted badly to being called on it, including resorting to playing his ‘Moderator’ role threatening to ban me for standing up for myself against his bull.

c) You then tried, to passively verbally bully that person by, implying you may call them by their given name.

I made it clear I wouldn’t do that, although I don’t see why TRP shouldn’t know that his identity is known. An activist lying and abusing for years is not a good look for Labour. I think he even name dropped Andrew Little a while ago – I’d expect that with Little’s stance against dirty politics he wouldn’t like to be seen to be associated with TRP.

d) You were given a ban of a month (very light for the huge transgressions, in my opinion).

It’s odd that none of the above events have made it onto your breaking news network

Why is that odd? It seems odd that you think it’s odd I choose what to post on and when.

and that you chose to concentrate on the Aspergers comment to deflect from what occurred earlier,

I chose to ridicule Sacha’s ridiculous attempt at online diagnosis. TRP will get what he deserves when I choose. He doesn’t seem to have worked out that his credibility as an author is affected by his behaviour as a commenter. If he chooses to lie and bully and threaten then so be it.

I don’t think you have Aspergers Mr George, a lot of Aspergers sufferers are hyper intelligent in various aspects of life.
Your just a failed politicians and a passive bully, end of.
try running that through your Factchecker Mr George!

I never was a politician. I don’t think I’ve failed at what I’ve set out to achieve.

It’s interesting that you accuse me of being a bully but you not only passively approve of the regular abuse and bullying at The Standard, you’ve chosen to directly support what TRP did yesterday.

Your reference to  ‘politician’ and ‘factchecker’ look like lame attempts at abuse that are irrelevant to your interesting wee rant.

You are one of a number who frequent The Standard who seem blind to the damage you do to your own credibility but also to the Labour left.

Instead of jumping to indignant conclusions you should read threads more carefully.

Here’s the thread you referred to:

Not everyone will see it with the same blinkers you have.

But thanks for coming and commenting here. You’re welcome to respond to this if you want to. This is an equal opportunity blog.

UPDATE: I see Ecosse_Maidy knows that I said I supported Newcastle Unites but despite that has chosen to attack me as well as supporting TRP’s dishonest abuse. Posted on the Standard thread yesterday:

Oh, look something St PG supports and doesn’t oppose ?

Given the Beige Ones track record..

I just wonder when he states he supports Newcastle Unites, I just ponder if he’s buggered up again in his usually close shave to 4th place power manner?

He probably means he supports, Newcastle United, a very mediocre English Football team, who’s owner is only interested in generating revenue , publicity for himself & business interests and leaves the ambitions & aspirations of the team on the sidelines to embrace mediocrity.

There does seem to be more than a passing similarity between the Beige Bladder One of Dunedin and Mike Ashley of Newcastle United.

Have you signed the “Not In Our Name” petition PG shrinks?& shown some backbone support rather than your usual array of turd polishing misnomers?

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  1. Kittycatkin

     /  2nd March 2015

    PEGIDA; Plonkers Engaging in Grossly Insane Drivelling Animosity.

    Why weren’t your critics there ?

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  2nd March 2015

    Ecosse Maidy ? Scottish Girly ? I do hope that this isn’t a man.

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  2nd March 2015

    But it probably is 😀 One who doesn’t know what this means 😀

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  2nd March 2015

    Why, why, why on earth do you waste so much time and energy on this pathetic bunch of drivelling, conniving, meat-headed, ignorant, dissembling Lefties who have nothing whatever of value to contribute to you or the universe?

    And then occasionally we waste oir time by reading it too.

    • Because as the so called voice of the ‘labour left’ in the blogosphere they should be exposed for what they are.

      Some there are trying to do a good job for Labour at a post level but their credibility is dragged down by the toxicity of the forum

      However the well-intentioned authors do nothing to stop the rot, in fact Greg Presland supported TRP on Sunday and tried to shut me up, and of course Prentice encourages and protects the attack dogs.

      • Mike C

         /  3rd March 2015

        @George. I am dying to know what Te Pea Putake’s real name is 🙂

      • Goldie

         /  3rd March 2015

        The so-called voice of the Left doesn’t need to be exposed for what they are Pete.

        A question: what would make your life (and other peoples’ lives) better: Spending time trying to expose The Standard as a bunch of crazies. Or spending that time talking to your wife/children/friends?


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